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APW Happy Hour

Live from Utah!

Hey APW,

I’m writing this from a conference room in the Freshly Picked offices in Utah. No, we’re not going into baby products anytime soon. But Susan Peterson, the founder of Freshly Picked, is an old friend of mine. I knew her back in the days when she was sewing moccasins in her basement, and all of us were sharing beds at conferences because we couldn’t afford our own hotel rooms, let alone beds. Of all the businesswomxn I know, she ranks among the kindest and most generous, and watching her grow her company to be a huge success has been one of the true joys of the past ten years.

She invited me to come out and stay with her in Utah (she has the best Gucci wallpaper of all time in her bathroom), so I could spend some time just resting and taking care of myself, and having a few days to heal after the past few years of vast amounts of personal trauma. Also: she has a steam shower. I didn’t know that was a thing, but now I want one.

Though, if you’re me (and Susan), relaxing also means lying on the couch in sweats and talking about business ideas. Or taking lunch meetings with other friends. I feel so grateful to have had this amazing week in Utah, and I’m going to come back to work with… one of these Gucci herons in my pocket. Wait? Is that not how this works?

Join Me For Business Mentoring

One of my goals for 2020 is to spend more time doing business mentoring. I’m here to pay it forward all day long. There are two things I’m doing early this year that I’d like to see your sparkling face at:

  • If you’re a wedding vendor or have a wedding-related business, we’ve opened registration for the second class of our wedding vendor incubator/mastermind course The L.O.V.E. Club. Over the course of five months, the APW team will talk you through everything we’ve learned over the last twelve years about how to build a truly successful wedding business. You’ll participate in five teaching sessions, as well as a one-on-one coaching call with a member of our team to get you clear on what your next steps are (all that, plus you get APW advertising thrown in on top of it). If your goal is to level up your wedding business in 2020 (yes? Right? Mine is), then this is the best possible way to do that. Registration is very limited and we’re more than half full already, so if this is something you’re interested in, apply ASAP (registration closes on Jan 31st).
  • If you’re an entrepreneur getting started in ANY kind of business, and want to learn from me, and other really amazing womxn, I’ll be one of the mentors at The Huddle at Alt Summit in March. Some of you may remember that I went to The Huddle (a womxn’s business retreat) in Sonoma in September, and it changed my business. I’m super excited to be participating in this scaled-down version of The Huddle (which is perfect for people early in their business journey). Alt Summit is also the conference I most highly recommend to female entrepreneurs of all stages and levels, so come and join the fun (and learn from me). Use the code “wedding” for $200 off your combo Huddle + Alt Summit ticket, which is legit one of the best deals I’ve ever seen out of Alt. So if you’re on the fence but know you need to be investing in yourself and your business, come.

Join Ours for some good in-your-business mentoring

You have all been here for our taking advice from divorce attorneys, you know the name by now, and the website by heart ( We’ve written about how we should all be taking advice from divorce attorneys, their founders have given out advice from divorce attorneys, and you’ve hopped over to their site to take their free diagnostic quiz. Now it’s time to get real. Their very first (and maybe most vital) class drops next month. Run, don’t walk, over to their site to sign up at a special super discounted rate. PS: I can’t make any promises yet, but there may be some extra surprises in it for you! If they ask, tell them APW sent you.

And with that, I’m off to see Sundance for the first time! And, you know, take meetings.

Here is to 2020!


P.S. Remember how last week I said that our comment counts on the front page and we’d been working for months to fix it with no luck? Sometimes I find it fascinating how just speaking the need makes a solution happen. As of yesterday, in a last ditch effort, our developer managed to sync our comment counts with the front page. After months of frustration, the problem is solved!

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