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APW Happy Hour

High five, it's Friday!

Hey APW,

We’re in that quiet moment after the storm of work and hustle and bustle that went into rolling out our shiny new vendor directory. It’s here where we all breathe a quick sigh of relief, and then get right back to hustling until that Friday bell rings. And when it does, you’re all welcome to meet me here for a celebratory high five. We made it to the end of the week! I’ll drink to that.



Highlights of APW This Week

“My seamstress made my wedding dress too small (so I’d lose more weight).”

A San Francisco City Hall wedding eight years in the making.

Are American mothers giving each other the silent treatment?

Sarah Gormley Photography will make you cry happy tears.

What are your wedding planning problems?

“The week I stopped apologizing.”

A wedding among the books and the redwoods.

“My wedding is not the authentic, personal celebration I wanted.”

Link Roundup

Lupita Nyong’o’s pearl dress throws down the fancy gauntlet forever.

Stop it with the feminist whitesplaining.

Juvenile, but we laughed: falling for nine seconds.

Zendaya wrote a powerful defense of her hair after racist comments on E’s Fashion Police.

Twenty six children’s books that celebrate black history.

Just checking in.

We tried on Oscar dresses and this is what happened.

Why women love Jupiter Ascending.

Sex and parenthood, a series.

Hell yeah, I wear a fanny pack.

Learning from Kanye: a thought experiment.

magical portal discovered between subway stations.

Thrift store finds, organized by color.

Feminist writers are so besieged by online abuse that some have begun to retire.

A girl who receives gifts from crows.

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