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APW Happy Hour

Heyyyyyy APW,

Whattaweek. Is anyone with me? It’s been the kind of week where I forgot to write this post until about two seconds ago. In my head, I was clearly hoping posts would write themselves, so I could go take a nap. Good thing it’s almost the baby’s (and hence our) summer vacation.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you for a minute. (Yes, I just made an Alanis reference). It’s your Friday open thread, hop on it.


Highlights of APW This Week

Should you tell your friend that if they want to call off the wedding and go to Mexico, you have their back no matter what? I vote yes.

A practical guide to breaking up with friends (plus the most interesting comments of 2013, if you ask me).

Super hot non-diamond engagement rings (for whatever your reasons are).

First dance JAMZ! For those of us who are not into the shuffle n’ sway.

Craving a super pretty wedding with matching bridesmaids’ dresses and the groom dancing to N’Sync? I thought so.

Speaking of tradition, I had no idea you could make an easy boutonnière that would last overnight. SURPRISES!

That thing where you tell yourself you don’t need to be social because you have the internet? Please question that assumption.

Link Roundup

As Friendship Month comes to an end, Demi Lovato’s feelings about Miley Cyrus seem extra relevant. That’s my kind of friendship.

“I do think, though, that some vaguely constructed concept of tradition is an easy, reductionist route to characterize ways of living, without acknowledging that people are driven by all kinds of reasons to live the way they do.” From this post on the “new domesticity,” which is great.

Anyone who has made a decision that other people disagreed with and, from time to time, found that life isn’t all sunshine and roses, will relate to this article on not being “allowed” to complain after becoming a single mom by choice.

The July Issue of The New Inquiry focuses on family planning and features an interesting article on The Motherhood Archives, a new documentary that looks at the history of maternal educational films and doctor training films.

Anna North argues in Salon that “women’s stories” (like the newest article on young women and “hookup culture” in the Times) do more harm than good.

The Atlantic tries to answer the question of how long can you wait to have a baby once and for all.

Emily Nussbaum breaks down the legacy of Sex and the City in the New Yorker.

Rape Joke,” a poem by Patricia Lockwood, is chilling.

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross have a question for you.

We got a really sweet email from a reader’s gentleman partner (possibly a first!) that included a link to their adorable engagement session in a TOY STORE.

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