APW Happy Hour

Swimming in a geyser and a ball pit

Hey APW,

It’s one of those Fridays where the week feels so crazy and long that I can’t remember what happened at the beginning of it. Except… when I try to gaze back at the foggy memories of Monday, I remember it was SUPER awesome. We did an annual staff retreat that landed us in the giant geyser-fed, Olympic-sized swimming pool at Indian Springs Calistoga. There was a bottle of Veuve and a stop at Gott’s Roadside for burgers, and we all basically got to live our best life.

And of course, before that even happened, I got to swim in a giant yellow ball pit that my friend Jordan built and dedicated to her dad who died when she was sixteen and always wore yellow, and I cried. It was the good cry, because how is it that this is my life? And how is it that I know people who create things this magical?

Of course, the reality is, like all my friends that create amazing things, I spend a WHOLE lot of time at my desk, grinding away at deadlines, managing goals and staff, and trying not to have a panic attack. And this week has had a lot of that too. But all in? It’s been great.

How has your week been? It’s your happy hour, so hop on it.



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