APW Site Nuttiness

Hello All-
Are you getting error messages, and forwarding messages and all kinds of weirdness when you come to the site? Sigh. Well. We all are, and I’m sorry. It’s a boring story, but in essence my URL is no longer owned by blogger/google, as we prep for the move, and blogger is, per usual, freaking out.

So. Never fear. We’ll keep on keeping on this week, cranking out lovely content and cranking at blogger, and next week – new! pretty!

Soon, we are out of their clutches! Hang in there. And thank you.


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  • I'm so excited for the new site! Hope getting everything straightened out isn't too stress. Have some wine Meg and everything will work out.

  • Even non-virtual moves never go seamlessly. We'll still be here to help you unpack when you arrive at the new destination.

  • Can't wait to see the new APW!

    A word from the weary: whatever you do, don't ask for feedback on the new design. *heaving sigh*

  • JOC

    Ah. I Haven't had trouble at home, but I HAVE at work – blogger is blocked at my office, but up until sometime yesterday I could get onto APW because my job's filters didn't recognize that it was a blogger-owned site. Then, yesterday afternoon, poof. This post explains that. :)

  • Even non-virtual moves never go seamlessly. Don't worry, we'll all still find you in time to help unpack. :)

  • Meg

    Sigh. That sounds wise.

    5 or 6 more days, then I SWEAR you'll never have that problem again. Instead you'll have all NEW problems. Whee…


  • AussieAndy

    I'm treating the error messages as a game of hide and seek. Sometimes I find you and sometimes I don't. But if I keep checking back I know I'll eventually find my beloved APW.

    That said, the hide and seek kid inside me is dying to see the pretty new APW site!

  • JOC

    @Meg – No worries! OBB was recently blocked on my work's server, which was depressing in itself. :) Don't mind me, I'm still not over them blocking my favorite news site, but allowing such sites as eBay and Amazon. So, I can online shop at work, but not read the news. Gotcha. Nope, not bitter … ;)