The New APW Vendor Directory Is Better Than Ever!

With loads of new vendors (and listings for just $125)

by Keriann Kohler, Advertising Manager

A Practical Wedding Vendor Directory

Back in February when we launched the brand-new A Practical Wedding vendor directory we were counting on you guys to spread the word—and boy did you ever! An important part of what we do here at APW is we connect readers with our incredible community of wedding professionals, so we are so excited and proud that each and every day the directory is filling up with more of your most loved vendors.

One of our biggest goals with the new directory was to make it more affordable for a wider variety of vendors (which equals more vendors—and price points—for your vendor search), with a new mini listing type for just $125 that is perfect for makeup artists, hair stylists, officiants, florists, and more. It’s been such a pleasure seeing a wider variety of vendors join APW, and we thought we should introduce you all to a few of them:

A Practical Wedding Vendor DirectoryMelanie Casey designs fine jewelry with a delicate and detailed aesthetic. She specializes in hand constructed one-of-a-kind jewelry with rustic diamonds, rose cut diamonds, and stunning precious gemstones. Clients get to be active participants in the design process, from beginning to end, working directly with the artist herself.



A Practical Wedding Vendor DirectorySelah Heather Design is a small floral design studio located in Colorado Springs. Selah found APW when she was planning her own wedding in 2012, and loves working with APW couples because they are intentional, and seek out artists and designers who have their best interests in mind.




A Practical Wedding Vendor DirectoryJustin Edmonds Photography is based in Denver with free travel to Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, and Illinois. Justin is a full-time photojournalist who regularly works for national and global clients like Getty Images and the New York Times in addition to documenting weddings, so photojournalism isn’t just a buzzword to him. He’s worked with APW couples in the past and has often end up drinking craft beer and cocktails with them months and even years down the road. It’s that type of camaraderie that he hopes to achieve with every couple, because he’s the one person that you’ll see more on your wedding day than your spouse.


A Practical Wedding Vendor DirectoryInnovatory Photography in Cincinnati is made up of TWO husband/wife photo-teams, who adore clients who approach their wedding day in a way that makes sense for THEM. They believe if everyone is comfortable and having fun, the photos take care of themselves!




Better 1/2 Videography‘s Jenn Heard is half of an APW couple herself, as well as a San Francisco Bay area videographer and editor with ten years’ experience filming and editing videos for agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, A Better World), bands (The Dodos, Sleepy Sun), and concerts (The Bridge School, Stern Grove Festival). She describes her artistic approach as “cinematic documentary with a hint of music video”.


Annie Garner Travel is a boutique travel agency specializing in honeymoons and destination weddings, with a focus on travel to Africa but experience all over the world. Annie has been reading APW since she got engaged in 2010, and has been coming back since. Every trip she plans is totally customized to fit the needs of her clients. She truly enjoys getting to know her clients and making recommendations based on their personality, budget and comfort level.


A Practical Wedding Vendor Directory

StartCloseIn Styling in D.C. is there for you when you need extra help navigating what to wear. As founder (and APW reader) Ella says, “While we planned our wedding (outdoor, fall wedding in my husband’s hometown in South Carolina), I felt overwhelmed by the outfits everyone told me that I ‘needed.’ It can feel hard to balance staying still true to who you are with the image you want to project for a special event. I’m here to talk you through what you (or your bridesmaid(s), or mother, or sister) really want to wear and would wear if you didn’t feel pressured. Then, we’ll go from there and find a dress or jumpsuit or suit that will fit any of the events you’ll want to dress for around your wedding. Call me before a wedding shower, ask me about bridesmaids dresses that will flatter a variety of shapes and not bankrupt your friends, or email me about easy things to pack for a trip that might include a fancy hotel stay after a few nights in a tent.”


And while you’ve been out rallying your vendors, we’ve been continuing to work behind the scenes ironing out the kinks and making the new directory listings even prettier and easier to read. The new listing layout shows you at a glance where the vendor has been featured on APW, what their clients have to say, and what their travel policy is. So go get browsing and keep telling your best vendors to sign up!


Thank you to everyone who has helped make the APW vendor directory a success since its launch over three years ago. It is in no small part thanks to our vendor community, and the readers who shop the directory, that we were able to make this relaunch possible. Our gratitude goes out to each and every one of you!

Keriann Kohler

After spending her formative years in a monastic pursuit to become a professional ballet dancer, Keriann has since embarked on a mission to make up for lost time by doing All The Things. A reader since way back, the APW community has taught her wanderlusting, commitment-phobic self that while exploration is good for life experience, marriage isn’t so bad for a relationship, and she’s been happily married since 2011.

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