Bonus Friday: Kara Returns!

For 2009, in an effort to keep myself sane, I’m introducing bonus Friday posts (ie, if you get a post on Friday, bonus!) Being committed to just four big posts a week will help keep me sane, and I’ve tried to convince myself that you all will feel just as fondly towards me, even if I post less on Fridays. Hopefully this is true.

The very first Bonus Friday is a good one. You all requested more details from Kara and Drew’s FIERCE wedding. And well, I wanted you to have them, and so did Kara. So, Kara created an amazing Flickr page for you all with endless information and details. Go, bathe yourself in beautiful wedding porn. It is Friday, after all.

(update: link fixed)

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  • The link you posted to their flickr page just sends us back to their blog post. Maybe I’m missing it? I do tend to be unobservant.

    Oh, and I wanted to mention how much I love your blog. You share such wonderful and helpful ideas and creative suggestions, and I never feel like you’re pushing your readers to feel a certain way.

    It’s nice to have some reassurance that I don’t have to fit a certain “practical bride” mold because being a practical bride is really all about being happy, care free, and most of all MARRIED on your wedding day without having to sweat the small stuff.


  • Rock Paper Scissors to decide who goes first? Kara, you are so cool!

  • nc

    Good call, you deserve a day off and these photos are certainly lovely.

    I just did my “final for now” post over on Prom to Altar (, hopefully you’ll follow me over to my new spot (!

    Happy weekend!