Bonus Friday: Practical Wedding Wish List

One of my personal mission statements for this site is to share weddings that don’t get much cultural airplay. I’ve had the luck to be able to share budget weddings, betwixt and between weddings, weddings with kids, and LGBTQ weddings. But, in the end, I can only share real weddings that readers send me, so I thought I would send out to the universe/internets my wish list. I’d like to share:

  • Gay male weddings (I haven’t had even one!!)
  • Weddings of older adults (re-marrying or marrying for the first time)
  • More betwixt and between weddings (not super budget but not *even* WIC? I’m your girl.)
  • Transgender weddings
  • Weddings of people of color

And of course, more of all of the weddings you send in. I love reading all of them! If you have a wish list of weddings you would like to see on this site, please share them in the comments. And readers, this is your rallying call, please send me these amazing weddings! Every time you share your wedding, you inspire couples to think, oh, if they can do it, so can we! And that is a huge gift.

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  • Anonymous

    Dumb Q: what does WIC mean?

  • yes! so glad you brought this up! i know that this is something that ariel on offbeat bride is wanting as well — esp. in terms of brides of color. it’s great that you’re putting out the call! yay!

  • I am a First Nation bride (is that a colour?) and will gladly send you my wedding pron after the wedding :D

  • Courtney

    Yay!!I am a bride of color and I adore your blog. I can’t wait to send you the wedding porn after the wedding.

  • I am 42 and my fiance is 49…is that “old” enough?!?!? LOL!
    You can check me out on blogger
    INPUT AND ADVICE WELCOMED!!! I need all the help I can get!

  • Anonymous

    weddings that combine elements of more than one culture/religion/etc.

  • Meg

    Anon #1 – Wedding Industrial Complex. It’s just shorthand for crazy-wedding-industry.

    Anon #2 – Yes, yes, yes. I forgot to mention that one, because, as you may or may not know, we are having a interfaith wedding (or at least a wedding of families of two faiths – most the wedding itself will be Jewish – but we still grapple with all the interfaith issues. Because of that, I know you’ll be getting one of those weddings coming up (mine). I haven’t talked about these issues much, but I can, if it would be a helpful discussion for people.

  • Meg

    Sharpiegirl- not old, older! And yes, yes, yes. I don’t think we see many weddings of people over the age of about 32 normally. We’re close to 30, and seem to be at the older end of the scale, which is wonky.

  • How about couples with an big age difference? Like 13 years for (not) random example! (We are currently 31 and 44).
    And in the anonymous random couple the girl is the older one.

  • Meg

    Other Meg-
    Bring it!

    ~This Meg

  • Well, next April, I’ll send you pictures from my elopement! I’d love to be your first Black-Jewish-Israeli bride! ;D

  • meg, you’re awesome!

  • nice

  • Have you had a #3,000 budget wedding yet? lol

    Oh yeah– I’m extra, extra white. Very white girl. That count?

  • I’ll happily send you my betwixt and between $10k interfaith wedding when it happens next July! And then a week later I’ll be able to send pictures of my transgender friends’ commitment ceremony!

    In between now and July, though, I would love to see some posts about interfaith ceremonies like you mentioned in a comment. That’s one of the main things I’m grappling with right now, and it’d be great to see what other people in the same boat are doing. Our issue is that I’m sort of Jewish and Zack is Unitarian Universalist (which is all about individual spirituality and not so much into traditions), so while neither of us want the wedding to be Very Jewish, we’re not quite sure what else to pull in. I would love to hear what you and other brides are doing to honor everyone’s beliefs and customs in this situation.

  • Meg

    Oh my dear, I so hear you. We’re spending quite a bit more than a lot of readers… but we live in an enourmously expensive city, and more to the point we have a HUGE family that we want there. So, to do all that on the money that we had we’ve had to be crafty and creative. Some days I’m sad we couldn’t have just gotten married at my parents house (cheaper, really personal) but we never could have fit everyone. And in the end, we mostly cared about having our loved ones there.

    Which is why I write over and over again that there is no one definition of a practical wedding. You know it if you’re doing it.


  • Meg

    And you know, when I started this blog, I didn’t have any readers, or any expectations to live up to… I just didn’t find much in the wedding world that reflected the kind of party we were trying to throw, and the values we had around our wedding. And that made me really sad. So I started writing about it.


  • April

    Define “betwixt and between” a bit more please. My fiance and I consider ourselves very practical, but we also have a guest list that is 90% out of town. This meant finding a location that people could stay at, AND we could have the celebration (i.e. “wedding”) at.

    But it’s a well-known chain hotel. Does that mean I’ve given over to the WIC? In our minds, don’t think so. It’s just the most convenient location.

    We’re “doing it together” (the projects, people!) on some things and have hired wonderful wedding elves for the majority.

    I struggled for a long time about our venue, feeling like a sell-out. But you know what? We’re calm, cool, and collected. We’re getting pretty much all of our wedding services in one spot. And THAT, to us, is practical and keeps us sane.

  • Hey, Meg!

    I love your blog, girl. I am Black woman with locs marrying a white guy, so needless to say I don’t see very much on the internet portraying me (as a bride) or very many interracial couples. Also we are betwixt and between (at least for the NYC area..LOL), so I’ll be sure to send in pics.

    Also I have a blog for anyone interested.

    Thanks for opening doors for folks.

  • I love your blog. We had a semi-practical lesbian wedding in September – I'd be happy to send more info. B&B; in MA, 36 people (counting us), limited budget but not "budget", followed by a casual bigger reception for more friends at our home in PA…

    shoot me an email at mrsemily08 at gmail dot com if you'd like more! : )

  • April

    Meg –
    your blog is my daily delight! :)

    I echo your sentiment in that not much in the wedding world tempts me either (well, CAKE, naturellment — but that’s it).

    I will honestly say however that it is quite a struggle to not be snake charmed by all the fripperies in “wedding-land”. Just yesterday, I was picking up a few things at Michael’s and saw a stack of gold plate chargers for practically nothing. My inner cheap-skate did a “SQUEEEEE!!!!” And then my practical voice said, “Um, chica – a charger is a useless plate.”

    And I walked on (without said chargers).

    My fiance and I live in San Diego and costs here for everything (weddings included), are high.

    But we’re doing our best to keep it small and real, and not looking like the theatrical events that cross the pages of Modern Bride.

    Keep up the good work, Meg! And thanks again for this blog! xoxo

  • hi Meg- just shot you an email :)

  • Great ideas, Meg. My mom’s getting remarried this year in the spring. It will be practical and all about family. I’ll send you pics when the time comes.

  • How’s two for the price of one? My fiance and I are an interracial couple having a betwixt and between wedding in June. I’m blogging about it at, and I will definitely send pics! I will admit to being seriously tempted by some of the trappings of the WIC (letterpress, sigh), but am all about doing this wedding practically so we don’t start our life together with TOO big of a splurge…

  • Anonymous

    I can deliver interracial, betwixt & between, and pregnant–if I can get over my interweb shyness.

  • Meg, we had a 5k (very budget for LA) at-someone’s-home wedding in October. I (27 yo whitey white girl, second marriage) married a half-Egyptian (34 yo, first marriage) only son of a former muslim (converted to catholocism for wife) and almost nun. Secular ceremony, live band and Lebenese food. I’m in the midst of posting recaps at

    I love your blog, I wish I had found more than two months before my wedding. Though, I gleaned a lot in two months and we trimmed, baby, trimmed. I can’t wait to see your day! Thanks for all you put out here!

  • How about foreign weddings ? ;-)
    I’m getting married in France on the 9th of May. As for practical, well, I’m doing all my stationary myself, my mom and aunt are sewing my dress, I’ll be making my centerpieces… not a budget wedding either as we wanted a really nice venue and a good caterer and we have a lot of guests, but we try trimming !
    If you’re interested I’ll send you pics ;-) (got a blog too but more about general wedding stuff, even if there are things about my own wedding : )

  • I would love to share my mom's second wedding, it was so casual & small & family & lovely.

  • Hi,
    I second AnnC on international weddings. My fiance and I are currently living in the Netherlands (though we are both from the US) and people do weddings very differently here! The Dutch are uber-practical, they invite very few guests to the reception and ask them to chip in for costs! I (usually) like how thrifty the Dutch are, but we’ll probably get married back in the States for convenience sake.

  • We qualify as both of the last two things on the list so we’ll send you pictures as soon as we can!!