There’s a Reason Fingerprint Wedding Bands Are So Meaningful

Brent & Jess makes it easy

fingerprint rings and wedding planning checklist

There’s a funny thing about wedding rings: In all of the pre-wedding hustle and bustle to coordinate All The Things, it’s easy to let your rings slip under the radar. But in the midst of a process that can feel like it’s about everyone, choosing a ring can be something that’s just for the two of you.

A ring from Brent & Jess takes that idea one step further by making your rings literally unique to you and your partner. Brent & Jess have created a patented method of capturing your partner’s unique fingerprint and etching it into your wedding band to create ring designs that marry old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge laser technology. Featuring both classic and modern designs with a clean aesthetic, you can have all of the sentimentality without any of the frills or fussiness. And depending on the design selected, the fingerprint etching can be a secret shared between you and your partner, or it can be loud and proud all over your ring. Oh, and the best part? Wedding band prices start at just $195 for sterling silver rings.olive branch sterling silver brent and jess fingerprint weddings bands

custom brent and jess fingerprint weddings bands
heart Shaped fingerprint ringsIf having the finished product with your partner’s fingerprint isn’t romantic enough, you both get to be an integral part of the process of making your ring with Brent & Jess. Here’s how it works:

  • First, the shopping: check out all the styles, details, and metal options (customizing a design is also always possible).
  • After you contact them, Brent & Jess will give you a quote and make a listing for you to place your order.
  • Once payment is received, Brent & Jess will ship a kit straight to your door to make your fingerprints. There are two types of kits: one is their patented process, which captures your finger impression for their wrap prints, and the other is a special kit for your fingertip prints (see below for examples of each type).
  • You send the prints back to Brent & Jess, and they make your rings! The turnaround time is typically six to eight weeks from when they get your kit.
  • Your completely one-of-a-kind rings arrive safe and sound.
Brent & Jess fingerprint options
With all that fancy and inventive technology used in making your ring, you might not realize that Brent & Jess is actually a family-run micro-business located in the small town of Topsham, Maine. Their small but mighty team is always available for you, whether you need questions answered, guidance through the ordering process, or someone to just be around for anything that comes up before, during, or long after the creation of your ring. In fact, the Brent & Jess team is so helpful, they average a message every other day filled with thank yous and glowing praise:
Thank you for making our wedding band shopping such an easy and seamless experience, and for the beautiful rings!! From day one, you were there to help us every step of the way. We were so impressed by how quick you were to respond to every question we had, and how much you helped us with the sizing process. By encouraging us to go to a jeweler for proper fitting, you ensured that we did not have to deal with resizing later. We could tell you genuinely cared that we loved our rings. Even with our deadline a little under ten weeks away, our rings arrived over two weeks before our wedding. They are so beautiful and exactly as described. We love wearing them every day!! We cannot thank you enough!

you and me brent and jess fingerprint weddings bands

rose gold brent and jess fingerprint weddings bandsbeveled edge gold brent and jess fingerprint weddings bands

And it’s not just wedding bands that get the patented Brent & Jess treatment. They also craft custom necklaces, rings, charms, beads, keychains, and other keepsakes with your loved one’s handwriting or fingerprint. All items can be made in sterling, all karats and colors of gold, platinum, and palladium.
brent & jess fingerprint necklacesfingerprint and baby footprint gold bands
So if wedding bands are still on your to-do list and you’ve been looking for something meaningful and beautiful from a company that is going to make the whole process a breeze, then make your life that much easier by checking out what Brent & Jess have to offer. Because, hey: you won’t get a ring that’s this one of a kind from anyone else.

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  • Cellistec

    Shoutout to Brent & Jess, who made my lovely wedding band! I only wish I’d ordered a thicker one so there could be MOAR FINGERPRINT on it.

    (Also, they sagely advised me that the sterling silver band I originally wanted wouldn’t be hardy enough to stand up to everyday wear, and they were right. I wear a silver ring on my right hand, and the dang thing got bent. If you want silver, go with white gold instead.)

  • Dess

    Even in pre-engaged land, we knew that when we got to the wedding part, we had to have Brent&Jess rings. We are so excited to receive our Brent&Jess wedding bands!! They have been *wonderful* to work with, and we can’t wait to see the final product!

  • Emily

    My husband was in charge of picking wedding bands and I’m not going to lie I was a little skeptical about the idea but I couldn’t love my fingerprint ring more than anything. It’s unique, it’s pretty, and it’s like holding hands with him even when we’re apart. Also Brent and Jess were awesome at answering my questions and making a change to our order last minute (@lizzie_c:disqus was right, go for the white gold!)

  • Nicole CM

    I love the uniqueness of these but admired them virtually since I first saw APW’s Brent & Jess posts after I tied the knot. However, THIS was the post I needed today. Long story short, a friend’s toddler son, Stevie, has battled leukemia this past year and has sadly been sent home this week with palliative care. I wanted something his family could have in the years to come. The Brent and Jess fingerprint rings and necklaces were the answer. The double print designs will preserve his print next to his older sister’s. Since I don’t know the mom’s exact style preferences, I inquired about a gift certificate purchase. Lynn emailed me back in under 30 minutes! She was fantastic in answering my questions and processed my order over the phone.

    The exact piece may not be finished for some time, but knowing Stevie’s family will have a tangible reminder of their son helps during this difficult time. Thank you APW for recommending such wonderful, thoughtful companies to the APW community.