Buy This Dress!

Um. Hi! I’ve been a tad sick today, and I might or might not have been out late last night drinking whiskey and listening to David play a little jukebox Michael Jackson tribute, so slow posting. Anyway, I’m popping my head up to say that one of you NEEDS TO BUY THIS WEDDING DRESS ALREADY. For serious. It’s $335, and it’s killer. And then you’ll need to send me pictures. Go, go, go, go, go.

Found via the always excellent etsy wedding.

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  • If I had a 24" waist I might! Haha!
    It is lovely and I'm throwing around the idea of a 1950's themed reception!

    (Really I just want a Soda jerk and a jukebox)

  • love it.

    damn that gown hanging in my closet.

  • If I hadn't already bought my dress, this one would be at the top of my list… gorgeous! Hope somebody buys it soon :)

  • That is gorgeous!

  • What a beautiful dress. It could be the basis of the entire wedding theme. Start with the dress and work your way out.

  • omg i love this dress – so awesome, wish i had a place to wear it (wedding passed)…and wish i had $335 to drop on what would be a non-wedding dress for me lol – but it's sooo pretty

  • …and the rose-strewn dress listed next to it = perfect moh/bm/wedding elf dress.

  • What a wonderful dress!

  • I saw it too.. fabulous! I LOVE the RED one in the same collection: it would go perfectly with my red wedding shoes… but I already have a (white) dress….

  • sara-grey

    I just considered ditching the dress i already bought for this one (because it is perfect) then I realized that my waist will never be 24inches.
    Such a gorgeous dress!

  • too small! too small!


  • what a bummer! I totally would if I had a spring wedding- NOT EVEN JOKING. That is my dream spring wedding dress!! great price too!