Classic APW: Georgia & Errol’s Vintage Wedding

Ah, Classic APW. This was back in the way-back, when no one had read APW while they were planning their wedding, because it was ohhhhh… one minute old. But. This wedding by Australian photographer* Hailey Bartholomew of You Can’t Be Serious, of her sisters wedding. And when I stumbled across it in the archives, I remembered how freaking much I loved it.

The funny thing about this wedding is that it was planned in just three weeks with the help of family and friends. Why is this funny? Well. We had the longest engagement ever, which I thought was the best decision EVER. But these days in my personal life, I’m an evangelist for the short engagement. Why? Being married is rad, being engaged is tough, and short engagements *force* you to focus on what’s important, and to just gut check and go. And the fact that weddings like THIS can be planned in three weeks? Well. Game, set, match.

All the remaining wording is vintage Meg. Younger.
Georgia & Errol got married in a park, and then had their reception at a restaurant. Their family and friends pitched in on all the wedding details. Simple, and clearly full of joy. The bride found her vintage wedding dress and her amazing veil at a vintage store for a grand total of $400, including alterations.** Can I mention that I am so in love with her veil that I want to steal it out of the picture?
Ok, first of all, how adorable are those flower girls? Ah! This had got to be one of the most fun wedding party pictures I have ever seen. It looks like a party! All of the girls dresses were found at a vintage store. The guys all wore their own suits, and they bought hats to unify the look.
The bride’s sister took all the photographs (ohh, to have a super talented photographer for a relation), and her husband made invitations from engagement pictures turned into photo postcards.
These adorable flower girl dresses they bought online to match the vintage style, and then sold them on eBay after the wedding. The flower girls are the brides nieces.
I’m in love with group shots at weddings, since it’s such a great document of everyone who celebrated with you, and this may be the ultimate group shot. These pictures make me feel like the wedding was a indie film (Amelie?), and contain such a amazing sense of movement and joy in them. I am, quite officially, in love with this wedding.

*Australians who are always sad about me not having vendors for them – NO COMPLAINING after today, mkay? Clearly this is the jackpot.
** Like me in the end!!! That’s so cool. Meg from the future to Meg in the past, it will ALL work out. Sort of like this.

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  • Gorgeous! Just the eye candy needed to perk me up for the first work day after losing an hour!

    As we count down the final 4 weeks to our wedding, I was just thinking an 8 month engagement is 6 months too long! Far too much time to obsess over the silly stuff!

  • Erin

    Oooooohhh thank you. I am counting down the last 5 (FIVE!!!) days till my wedding, and woke up this morning thinking I had been insane to think we could get everything done during our seven-month engagement. If Georgia and Errol can put together such a gorgeous wedding in a few weeks, I guess I shouldn't worry :)

  • Yay an Australian wedding! Though I am yet to find an inexpensive gold-mine kind of vintage shop – I guess Georgia just knows where to look because wow is that dress (and veil) gorgeous!

    I agree on short(er) engagements. I don't know if I could do it in weeks (well of course I could, but since you only get to do it once – theoretically – I'd want to do it up right, as in makes decisions I am really happy with) but I do think our 18 months were too long. I spent the first 6 months just basking in my newly-engaged-glow so it was really only 12 months of planning, but I think 6 would have been more efficient and effective (as they like to say in my commerce textbooks).

  • conmigo

    I am 2.5 months into a 6 month engagement, and it seems to be just about the perfect amount of time for me. I was so amazed at all of the people who said, "Wow– THIS July?!??!" (hee)

    The wedding will be fun, but I am REALLY excited to be married.

  • Wow seriously- I am so glad you reposted this! made me smile this morning. I love the colors and the style! Anything vintage makes my day!

  • Yay for both short engagements AND wedding invitation postcards. I'm a little happy to find out that I'm not the only person to have ever gone with such a casual invitation.

  • Anonymous

    This post made me smile to say the least. I have to agree that the group shot was the best group shot I have EVER seen of the guests in attendance. It just captures the joy and happiness of that day!

    Thanks so much for posting this

  • Zow! I am loving the vintage look of the whole affair, from the dresses and those hats on the guys to the grittiness of the photography. Kudos to the couple for putting together something so beautiful in such a short period of time. Very inspirational for other time-strapped brides-to-be!

  • Short engagements rock and so does this wedding! I am very envious of where Georgia was able to find such amazing dresses. The vintage shops around here have nothing like that. This couple has fabulous style and an awesomely talented photographer sister!

    Oh, and I wanted to say, that to go with this "rerun" of an APW post, a rerun of Ellen and Portia discussing their marriage is on Oprah today! I know I read in the comments once that quite a few people didn't get to see it. So heads up!

  • Totally love the pictures here. Great wedding. The love for each other is so great..

  • Ah I was so happy to read "we had the longest engagement ever!" because I'm in the midst of what feels like the longest engagement ever and I LOVE it. Meg Future you rock as much as Meg Younger did.

  • We were engaged in June and married in November and we repeatedly commented like it didn't feel that we were rushed or just sitting around waiting.

    I remember reading this post the first time around. The feel of the photos is spectacular.

  • JOC

    Being married is rad, being engaged is tough, and short engagements *force* you to focus on what's important, and to just gut check and go.


    My engagement will be a grand total of 8 1/2 months. The only reason it will be that long, is because we wanted a fall wedding, and we got engaged in January. (As it is, both of us REALLY wanted October, not September, but we can't do it for scheduling reasons, so we're a month sooner than we would have been. I wouldn't have been unhappy with May, either, but my cousin with the 15+ month engagement is getting married in her WIC-fest in July, so that would have caused a family feud.)

    When I tell people when the wedding is, they raise an eyebrow, and say, "Oh. That's soon." It's amazing what the WIC has done to us regarding long engagements. My other cousin got engaged a couple weeks ago, and his FW indicated that she would like an October wedding. I would LOVE IT if they got married this year! The three cousins, all married in 2010! How awesome! (My mother would HATE IT, if only because she couldn't give me hell about my "quick" wedding anymore … but that's part of why I love it!)

  • They are gorgeous! I agree – epic group shot.

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