Coming Soon… hopefully?

Hello All,

I miss writing for you guys. I literally just took a break from tagging posts (it’s open in the other window) to send this small missive. Remember when I told you we were going to have a How-To section on the new site? And about how How-To would be The Big Stuff (DJing your wedding with and ipod, writing a ceremony), as my answer to the endless mind numbing, soul crushing DIY must-do bridal projects, and billion dollar “DIY-style” weddings (or is that only my soul being crushed?)

ANYWAY! I would really really really love if we had an article on self-catering your wedding when we go live. And since I didn’t self cater my wedding, I can’t write it. So, if one of you is interested in writing about your experiences, it would involve:

  • What you did (feel free to generalize, we don’t need to know how you chopped the carrots)
  • How it worked out
  • What you learned, and what you would change if you did it again
  • How much it cost (in the $700 buys you… too many flowers vein)
  • Pretty pictures

I’m imagining this note as a message in a bottle sailing out to the right person. Think what you would have given to have these tutorials when you were planning. You know… in a place you could find them.

Email me, whoever you are (fingers crossed).

Now back to tagging. Sigh.


Picture: Our totally not DIY, but totally delicious food, by One Love Photo of course

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  • This may or may not be any help, but I bookmarked these pages when googling DIY wedding food. Maybe you could get in touch with these bloggers and have them expound on the topic?

    This website is a bit confusing to navigate, but very helpful when it comes to the "nuts and bolts" of food prep for large crowds:

    I would LOVE to hear from APW readers who catered some or all of their food! We're partially catering the reception and it's tough to find resources, even online.

  • we're self catering in september 2010. stay tuned! :)

  • Liz

    meg, dearest-


    i'd love to help with this section of your blog, if you're still lookin for someone.

  • Meg

    Email me, lady! I'd call yours 'self catering lite' which is sort of… sensible :)

    Ah, no. I only take content from readers. If readers don't feel up to it, then we don't get it… we get whatever is rolling around in my head instead!

  • Oh please have this post soon! We're self-catering in three months and I'm getting a bit scared!

  • Danielle

    I absolutely love your blog- always so thoughtful and so relevant.

    We are self catering EVERYTHING for our wedding in less than two months…. for approx 200 people. Luckily I got my love of spreadsheets from my mother and we are spread-sheeting like crazy. But still keeping our fingers crossed that everything works out. No doubt we'll have some battle scars by the end of it all and I will certainly share the "this was so helpful…" and the "this made me want to tear my hair out…" tid bits… Good luck to all the self caterers out there!

  • Okay, I didn't self-cater and have no intention of self-catering and this basically has nothing to do with food, but–

    …endless mind numbing, soul crushing DIY must-do bridal projects, and billion dollar "DIY-style" weddings (or is that only my soul being crushed?)

    Oh, you are SO not alone. This, I feel, is a huge side effect of the BIC, a reactionary consequence of dealing with the WIC. And to me, it's just as bad as paying out the nose for gowns or chair covers or favors. I might do a couple projects, because I can, and they're fun, and they're not horrible time suckers. But so what if I'm paying someone else to do something; if it's in my budget, if it saves me time and energy, then I'm doing it. I like my sanity, and I'd like it intact come the end of September. And some of these projects… Oy. The drink stirrers with little flags, the Gocco'ed cocktail napkins, the ribbon rose bouquets… It can get so out of hand. If that's your thing, AWESOME. But if it's not?? SO EFFING WHAT. That doesn't mean the wedding is immediately a Ballroom Bridezilla Monstrosity.

    I'm paying out the nose for a place that does it all for me, because the idea of coordinating (the spreadsheets you were talking about, the juggling and the time coordinating and the phone calls…) would have killed me. So we're paying more than we'd hoped (ouch) for a place that is professional, gorgeous, and low-stress. Because that's what matters to me.

    Sorry for the ramble, but I saw your tweet and thought that deserved a comment of its own. :)

  • This is the opposite of what you asked for, but I'm trying to set up a DIY photobooth and the part I can't find good advice about is how to connect the camera to the laptop and what software I need. I'm sure one (or several) of the team members knows these answers. Help?
    Um, I think this is why you suggested the idea of a wedding forum…

  • Brilliant.
    We're self-catering for 100-ish in April (3 weeks..breathe…), and could use some insight, oh, you know.. NOW. Lol. Ish.
    We're doing everything we can to make it easy, which is requiring a LOT of compromise on all sides, but the very concept is daunting.
    Can't wait to see that post!

  • We have family friends helping with our catering, but we are planning to do a whole pile of baking and grocery shopping and the like in the days before the wedding, so the "caterer" only has to cook and plate the food on the day.
    Not till November, of course, so no help now sorry Meg. plus, being here in New Zealand, even if we had already done it, the costings would mean nothing to many of your other readers!

  • Nina

    @Emily – I don't know yet, but my tech-savvy fiance is working on figuring this out right now! We are connecting a Canon rebel to a pc. I could contact you with info once we do figure it out… though I'm not sure how to do that…? need the forum :-)
    Maybe mark yourself down for getting follow up comments by email and I'll post what I know here once we figure it out – unless someone else posts the answer for both of us in the meantime!

  • We're planning on it, but it's only 50 people. I've thrown parties bigger than that when I lived in a loft, so it probably doesn't count.

  • I have a similar but slightly different DIY request: DIY Drinks.

    Our May 1st wedding will be catered but we're providing all the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages ourselves (money saver!). Of course the complications of how to present the drinks, keep them cold, make sure there's a good variety, etc. makes me wonder whether this is truly worth the money we're saving.

    So I would totally be interested in a DIY drinks post. :)

  • Maddy

    This must be fate for a long-time lurker :) On Saturday we completely self-catered for a 100 person wedding- and it was AWESOME. Stay tuned for an email, Meg.

  • @Kanin – large metal ice buckets are how we served all the beer, white wine and champagne at our wedding. The rest of the drinks we simply lined up on a long table and let people help themselves. Much the same way that you'd have at a party but on a larger scale.

    Quantities wise, we bought as many drinks as we thought we'd need for half again as many people and then we had a bit left over but didn't run out.

    @Meg – didn't Marie-Eve self cater her wedding? Perhaps she could be called upon to impart some wisdom?

  • Meg

    She already is :)

  • Ann

    I feel no small amount of trepidation posting my first comment to a wedding blog (having gotten engaged last weekend). Luckily, this isn't just any wedding blog!

    I just want to register my extreme excitement for this whole idea. My boyfriend and I would like to strip the whole wedding madness down to the basics, then do the basics incredibly well. I'd love help with vows and ceremony planning, and self-catering.