Roundup: Gender Neutral Wedding Party Gifts (That Rock)

And maybe a few for yourself

There were few parts of wedding planning that I threw myself into as hard as I did wedding party gifts. I know they are a superfluous aspect of wedding planning, and your wedding party doesn’t necessarily need gifts to say thank you for being our friends, but after all our people did for us leading up to the wedding, we really wanted a way to show our appreciation. The thing is, our friends aren’t exactly matching jewelry and cuff links kind of people (in our case, we ended up squirreling away gift cards for months and buying bath robes and belts for our respective parties. Because everybody loves a plushy bath robe. It’s like being hugged by a cloud.)

So today we bring you a roundup full of gender neutral wedding party gifts that also happen to be pretty damn rad. Because maybe you’ve got a bridesdude or a groomswoman and still want to get everybody matching gifts. Or maybe your people aren’t jewelry people either. Maybe your people are whisky-swigging, Harry-Potter-loving skillionaires. In other news, I now have a dozen new gifts I’d like to buy myself.

1. Gold Pig Bookends available from CB2 ($29.95) 2. Pocketed Leather Journal available from Anthropologie ($24) 3. Vintage Book iPhone Charger available from Anthropologie ($68) 4. Penguin Clothbound Classics by Coralie Bickford-Smith available from Amazon ($19.99) 5. Windsor Prose Writing Set available from Paxton Gate ($68)

1. Morelia Decanter available from Crate & Barrel ($39.95) 2. Set of Two Optimist/Pessimist Glasses available from Uncommon Goods ($25) 3. City Map Glass available from Uncommon Goods ($12.50) 4. Heart In Hand Bottle Opener available from Catbird ($14) 5. Etched Swing-Top Glass Flask Decanter available from Etsy ($28.50)

1. Doctor Who Diecast Master’s Pocket Watch available from ThinkGeek ($49.99) 2. Paper Made Letter Opener available from Uncommon Goods ($45) 3. Sword of Godric Gryffindor Letter Opener available from the Harry Potter Shop ($39.99) 4. Skillionare Brass Card Case available from In God We Trust ($50) 5. Corter Leather iPhone Sleeve available from In God We Trust ($30) 6. WWII Compass available from Paxton Gate ($38)

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  • Stephanie

    OMG. The pig bookends… MUST HAVE NOW….

  • Um. The Gryffindor letter opener is rocking my world right now.

    • efletch

      Agreed! How did I never know about the harry potter shop!

  • Pippa

    Totally for a second thought this post was for wedding favours. As in, spending roughly $68 on each and every guest for coming.
    Needless to say, phew!

    • meg

      In case you haven’t noticed, I’m sort of violently anti-wedding favors, so never.

      Though staffer Rachel is really for them (as detailed earlier today) so there you go.

  • Ella

    This post is incredibly well timed! I’ve been picking up books at used bookstores when something catches my eye that might be a good fit for any of my bridesmaids. I’m a huge book person, and most of my bridesmaids are, so I thought that would be a good way to personalize it. I’m also getting them matching earrings (to wear only if they want to on my wedding day). And probably some other odds and ends because I love fun tchotchkes. :) This post will be extra good for my guy for his groomsmen!

  • Kestrel

    Something that I would get my wedding party if I had one (we’re going without) would be a thermos – like a really nice one that doesn’t leak. I’ve got one from REI that I love (not sure if I’m allowed to post links, it’s this one: and I don’t even drink coffee or tea.

    I think it’d be great to get that and then add in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or spiced cider, depending on your party.

    Although it might be a tad odd to get these at a summer wedding!

  • Mezza

    This post has the best timing ever. I am scrambling to pick something for a mixed-gender bridal party.

    Are regular flasks really overdone as bridal party gifts? I found some really cool ones on Etsy and thought I could personalize them a bit by giving something to go in the flask as well (small candy for the one who doesn’t drink, small bottle of nice bourbon for the one from KY, etc). Too cliche?

    • MK

      If I were a non-drinker, getting a flask filled with candy would be…weird. A cute way to package it, sure, but, depending on the reasons they don’t drink, it could be awkward for them to even have a flask. Maybe a pretty glass would be better?

      • Mezza

        Good point. She just doesn’t like alcohol; it’s not that she purposely avoids it, she just only has it very occasionally. But yeah, part of why I was questioning flasks is because I didn’t think she’d get much use out of it. If the candy idea seems weird, I probably just shouldn’t do it.

        • MK

          Tervis Tumblers? They’re super-strong insulated cups that come with a lifetime warranty and you can add a custom little decal–schools, sports, cartoon characters, animals, initials, whatever. Way more work-friendly than a flask. ;)

    • meg

      They’re done a lot, but that doesn’t mean they’re a bad idea. David has one that’s outlasted the marriage ;) It’s a good flask though, so hey.

    • We gave flasks engraved with the logo of a local craft distillery, and a bottle of the mead we brewed for the wedding. We had our siblings as attendants, and these seemed like good “one size fits all” gifts. We also gave a flask and a bottle of rye whiskey to our officiant/best friend.

      If you want to give a flask, give a flask, and who cares if they’re ‘overdone’?

    • Teafortwo

      I thought this said “small bottle of KY” at first. Personal, but know your crowd!

  • Corrie

    UNCOMMON GOODS!!! They have the best stuff. Thanks for the reminder about that!

  • Fermi

    Wish this was a few weeks ago, I scrambled at the last minute to buy wedding party gifts. We were scraping the barrel with funds as well. I ended up getting initial necklaces for the girls from Etsy for $10 each, and wine bottle stoppers made from vintage stamps, that I found at a wine festival.

    For the boys, my man was lazy and so was I, we went to Dollar Tree and bought big beer mugs and then I bought some chalk labels from Etsy and we labeled each one and put miniatures in them!

    They all seemed to enjoy their gifts!

  • For booze, may I also suggest whiskey stones (along with a good bottle, of course)?

  • Megan

    We did vintage map tie tacks and necklace/key chain fobs of places that were meaningful to the bride and the bridesperson or the groom and groomsperson (e.g. where we met, where our friendship solidified, where we had crazy shenanigans). Etsy is a godsend (

    We had mixed gender parties, so this was an easy to do something similar for everyone. The guys actually wore the tie tacks during the wedding, but the ladies just had them as keepsakes as I wanted them free to wear whatever accessories they wanted. Some of the women in the party turned the fobs into keychains while others put them on necklaces, so to each their own style!

  • Carolyn

    We tackled bridal party gifts with the approach ‘what would we give this person for a special birthday/holiday.’ With that mindset, thinking all of my friends would want matching earrings was bananas. I got one a crystal vase, one a cutting board in the shape of her beloved home state, one a monogrammed whisky decanter and I knit one a blanket. So yeah.

    As an aside, keep these roundups coming. I’m totally bookmarking this shit for holiday shopping. Unique gifts are tough to find. Full stop.

  • One of my favorite things about wedding planning was picking out a specific, different gift for each member of my bridal party. They are all *very* different from one another (think a blue haired artist, a jcrew loving teacher, and disney loving fashion blogger), so I just treated it like I was getting each girl a birthday gift. I think they all really loved their gifts; I’ve seen each of them wearing/using them since. Just like the dresses don’t need to match, the gifts don’t need to either.

  • SamiSidewinder

    GAH, I wish you guys had done this two months ago! I was struggling hard to find one gift for all 10 of our mixed gender helpers. At the last minute we settled on Hydroflasks which are stainless steel insulated water (and whatever) bottles that are super awesome and from the town we live and got married in.

    But honestly, it felt kinda weak. LOVE the pig!

    • Shah, that sounds like a GREAT gift!

  • The city map glasses make me very happy.

  • Rachel

    I love gender neutral bridal party gifts and I love these picks!! A couple others I’m loving right now: plants and planters ( and cozy blankets (waiting for clearance time or hitting Home Goods for those).

    Also these keychains are killing me (in the best way ever):

    I basically want to get everyone I know a different one for Christmas and call it a day.

  • Ann

    My husband bought ENO hammocks for his groomsmen- they were a diverse group of guys, but everyone likes a hammock! They were definitely at the top end of our budget, but he found a good price somewhere online and got his favorite outdoor retailer to price-match and throw in free shipping. It was really important to him to find a good gift that everyone liked! I made earrings for all of the bridesmaids, including special ones for the one with gauged ears! My sister sewed beautiful tote bags, I threw in a coordinating pashmina from a kiosk at the mall ($5 apiece!) and at the last minute found some pretty, high-end lotions on major clearance at a local boutique and threw one in for everyone. As a special gift for my MOH (and sister!) I took her to a flower-arranging class that involved wine and chocolate a few weeks after the wedding. (That was sort of a selfish gift… we had a good time!)

  • Love this post! What great ideas. I love the Books wedding party gifts especially :)