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Finally! It’s Easy To Buy Wedding Rings Online

No fuss, No conflict; Lab Grown Diamonds, and Easy...

As a pre-engaged gal myself, I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about engagement rings often. Okay, I mean, I send at least one or two a week to my partner with a casual, “Look, babe, I dig this style.” (And if you think Instagram is letting me go an hour without an engagement ring ad, you’d be wrong). She knows I’ve always been the person who is adamant that I don’t need a big ol’ rock, and I’ve been on the I-don’t-want-a-diamond train for some time. I’m uncomfortable with the prevailing ethics and practices in the diamond industry, and I’ve done the research into other options. There’s moissanite, morganite, moonstone, vintage, but once I get past the initial “ooooh, pretty!” I find myself frozen with overwhelm. Honestly, many times over I’ve mentioned that I’d really rather just have a beautiful metal band, and skip the need to pick a stone altogether. Ya’ll, I think I’ve been throwing the (diamond) baby out with the bathwater. I had completely written diamonds off, without slowing down to look at the lab-grown diamond options that are available. There are some seriously stunning diamonds that aren’t coming straight out of mines, and I don’t have to feel bad about loving them in all their shiny glory.

Two hands on dried wheat with a ring.

We’ve talked about rings and engagements, and all the feelings that come with them, plenty on APW over the years—we love to think outside the norms and all the things society (and the wedding industrial complex) tells us we must have. So, when Couple Co. came to us and wanted to share their rings and brand with you all, we jumped at the opportunity to work with a ring company who’s specialty is conflict-free, lab-grown, ethically made rings—that you can order online. Possibly my favorite part about is that they have an extensive selection of really beautiful wedding bands for any human, too.

A woman wearing a yellow sweater holds up her left hand while wearing a ring.

Have no fear, Couple is here

The diamond industry has been selling diamonds and rings the same way for generations: fancy shops, overwhelming salespeople, and pricing that is far from transparent. It’s a controlling, confusing, and expensive industry that’s ripe for a shake-up. More than anything, knows that folx fear they’ll make a mistake when choosing a ring. (Will that band fit well with my engagement ring? Will that shape feel nice on my hand, not just on a screen?) Almost everyone in the market for an engagement ring or wedding band has never bought one before — so who can blame us for being nervous about closing that deal? thinks that ring buying can be a joyful experience, and by leveraging new tools and technology from the digital era.

What’s more? They even have a 60-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee, so you can take the time to double- and triple-check your choices, right there on your finger.

A woman clutches her wrist while wearing rings.

Engagement season, but make it easy makes it incredibly easy to preview their different ring options on their interactive site. You can adjust the size of your lab-grown stone, the metal, the setting, and more. What’s better than that? I’ll tell you—it’s a custom concierge service that will help you choose the exact ring that’s right for you. knows that buying an engagement ring is stressful—I mean, we can’t all be diamond experts. That’s why they’ve made the whole process stress free, diamond pro included. You don’t have to wait to sneak around while your partner is at work, or try to find a time that you and your partner can visit all the stuffy jewelry shops in town together — instead, stay home with a glass of wine, the internet, and your own personal diamond concierge. They’ll even make sure you get to see the rings on a real hand.

Are the styles they have on their site not quite what you were thinking? Don’t fret. You can also get creative and customize your own ring. Your design is then expertly handcrafted—And, you can see the finished design before you buy, including what it looks like on someone’s hand.


An animated gif image of various rings on an ipad.

Born to shine grows their diamonds in labs in the U.S., instead of mining them from the ground. This process is 100% conflict-free, sustainable, and ethical. Just like mined stones, their process creates a unique diamond every time. Then, they only select stones that are clear in color and flawless to the naked eye. Each diamond is expertly cut, polished and set to the highest standards of quality—and get this, you get 35% larger stones for the same price. Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical composition as mined diamonds, down to the atom. Thanks to huge advances in technology, the diamonds made by are natural, just like the alternatives. Unlike other diamond sellers, only sells diamonds of exceptional quality that are colorless and flawless to the naked eye.

A person looks at a ring in an black box.


Enough Chit Chat, Show me the bling

Now that we know there’s a better way to shop for a beautiful diamond ring that you can feel good about, let’s drool over some of these beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands.

Photo of a solitaire ring

Solitaire Thin in Yellow Gold

Side photo of a ring

Knife Edge Band in White Gold

A rose gold ring.

Pave Thin in Rose Gold

Side angle of a gold ring.

Rounded Yellow Gold 4.5mm Band

Photo of a diamond ring.

Solitaire Tapered in Rose Gold

A single yellow band gold ring.

Rounded 3mm Band in Yellow Gold

A classic solitaire platinum ring.

Solitaire Classic in Platinum

A diamond filled ring.

Halo in Rose Gold

Channel in rose gold.

Channel in Rose Gold

Eternity Pave band gold ring.

Eternity Pave Band 1.8mm in Rose Gold exclusively sells only high-quality lab-grown diamonds. offers diamonds that are ethically sourced, but also great value. And they’re the first to let you customize your ring design digitally, with the comfort and personal service of a Diamond Concierge to make it an experience you’ll actually enjoy. It’s this marriage of modern science and timeless luxury that’s at the heart of all that creates and does. believes that what makes couples special, is the same thing that makes them special… Beautiful chemistry.


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