Crafty Pint Sized Goodness

You know how some people have “Adults Only Affairs” for their weddings? Well, were more in the “Kid Friendly Affair” camp. What’s a wedding unless you have some little girls spinning until they fall over on the lawn, and some little boys on a sugar high from the six slices of cake they managed to eat when no one was looking? The sad thing for us is, there just are not many little kids in our families a the moment. We’re both from a bit of a in between generation, so that’s just how it worked out. We won’t even have a super tiny flower girl, more like a medium sized junior bridesmaid.

But, I’m not quite sure I’m willing to give up my dream of a craft table for the, um “kids.” Because I’d like to play with some glitter on my wedding day (and you bet it will get in my hair). And who doesn’t get a little tipsy and then think to themselves, “you know what I’d really like to do? Build a Lego car.”

Have a happy weekend, all!

Picture via Perez Photography.

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  • We’re gonna have a slew of kids under 4. Too little to feed themselves at a kid’s table, sadly. Probably too little for anything super crafty. But I’m definitely planning on crayons, which the grownups will like too :P

  • Don’t forget the Play-Doh!!

  • Good for you! A terrific “it’s a village” approach.

  • Anonymous

    I have the same situation! I would absolutely love to have kids at my wedding, but I don’t know any!! Can we rent them somewhere? …or take all the unwanted ones from “Adults only” weddings? :-p

  • Meg

    Excellent idea! I would also sign up to borrow the extra kids from the Adults Only weddings ;)

  • Peonies and Polaroids


    (I really wanted to invite some kids and ask that they leave their parents at home. But I don’t think it would have gone down too well)

  • Now I really want to have babies…. unfortunately it wouldn’t happen in time for them to be cute at your wedding… dang that whole “biological development” thing!