Cads About Matrimony

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Cads About Matrimony is a wedding-themed party game that makes a mockery of humanity’s most fraught life-long commitment. Based on the same dark wit and matching format of hit party game Cards Against Humanity,™ the game is easy to learn and simple to play for groups of all kinds and sizes. The results are as hilarious, embarrassing, depraved, and satisfying as marriage itself.

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Cads About Matrimony was created to be the perfect antidote to the same old lame wedding games you’ve played for years. APW readers are a brainy, counterculture crowd that will appreciate the strong language and snarky satire of a game that celebrates real-life love while sending up the wedding-industrial complex. It will also make you snort-laugh so hard that you will forget all about the stress of wedding planning or the perils of life-long monogamy.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

These cards are designed specifically to humiliate your friends and upset your in-laws. If you are looking for a double shot of awful, awkward fun to save your bachelor/ette party, offend everyone at your bridal shower, and/or make your wedding *really* unforgettable, you’ve come to the right place. The game is available as a FREE PDF download at our website, or you can get a professionally printed deck on Amazon.

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