Christina Richards Photography Verified

Christina Richards Photography Verified

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[The photographs] are authentic, they have movement, they're incredibly natural and they're totally us. Actually, better yet, they're a version of us that is totally authentic, but happens to have been captured in the midst of the most gorgeous, artistic photos ever...

Martha P.


My home is in Boston, MA but I travel to San Francisco and New York City at no additional cost. For travel outside of these area's please get in touch for a custom quote.


I offer special rates for elopements and small city hall weddings.

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

Christina Richards Photography captures life’s ephemeral beauty. By distilling each moment to it’s essence; her photographs illustrate each wedding day with beauty, honesty, and joy.

Why do you want to work with APW Couples?

I’ve been working with APW couples since 2009 and no one makes me laugh like APW clients do! APW fosters a wonderful community of like minded individuals who know that their wedding can be whatever they want it to be and there is no better client than that. 


Describe your artistic approach to weddings?

I believe weddings are about collaboration – between two people in love, between the couple and their families, and between my clients and myself. I forge a personal connection with each couple, cultivating a space where they are comfortable to be themselves. 

When I developed my first photograph in the darkroom it took my breath away. Even today in the era of digital photography I’m drawn to the unexpected. I begin each wedding shoot with an open heart and in addition to capturing the iconic events of the wedding day I aspire to capture more nuanced moments that may otherwise go unnoticed.

It is both my mission and my passion to capture those subtle moments for you, to transform the ephemeral feelings and stolen glances into enduring memories.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

When I’m home in California I’m usually spending time with my husband and two dogs. I also love to hike, read, cook, watch movies, and explore new places. My family is on the east coast and I travel to see them whenever I can.

What’s your favorite book?

My current favorite is "This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage" by Ann Patchett

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