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It is a real pleasure working with Jo, and I adore this ring. I took advantage of the expertly managed layaway system and they courteously resized the ring for me during the wait. It is lovely perfection, looks great on the hand and perfect for a soft look. I love the colors. I am a repeat customer.

Nicole F.

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

We specialize in curating a hand-picked selection of one-of-a-kind antique and vintage engagement rings and bands. We personally select each of the pieces we offer, and seek out the prettiest, most unique styles available. We operate strictly as online retailers to offer the best service to each of our clients without the limitations of location or time.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

We love being able to share our finest discoveries with other couples who appreciate the quality of jewelry from bygone eras and also desire to add their personal stories to the history these pieces carry with them. We believe each ring has a particular owner that it is meant for, and being able to connect people to the jewelry that compliments their ‘forever-after’ is what we love best.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

Curating which pieces to add to our growing selection allows us both to express our own tastes & influences, creating a fantastic diversity of styles. You can find a variety of eras from rich Victorian rose gold and romantic gemstones to the gorgeous Art Deco filigree of the 1920’s and on to sleek, Mid-Century sophistication full of bright white diamonds and clean lines. Every piece has a unique look, feel or history that we hope resonates as much with others as with us.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

We enjoy collecting antique photos, reading historical biographies and being outside. Our favorite thing is spending time with our year and a half old daughter, Beatrix, who is already obsessed with jewelry, and loves to try rings on as she eagerly chirps “Pretty, pretty!”

What's your favorite book?

We both love to read, and it’s always changing! Thomas is currently reading ‘George Washington on Leadership’ and Jo is just starting ‘Empty Mansions’, about the American heiress Huguette Clark.

What's your favorite movie?

While we tend to be more television than movie watchers (current choices include Downton Abbey and Arrested Development), Forrest Gump will always be a forever favorite for us both.

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