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If everyone ran their business like Erin does, I think the world would be a different place. So thankful for her passion for people, and creating a safe place for not-so-typical brides, such as myself to find a dress.


Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

With established and emerging trend-setting designers, Luna Boutique offers fashion-forward and unique bridal, cocktail, and evening, dresses. We are dedicated to providing high-quality craftsmanship and materials, as well as individualized attention, while inspiring, celebrating, and challenging women to express their individuality through personal style.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

We know where the fun people are!

No, really; if you’re an APW fan, then you’ll feel at home in our store. Every detail in how we operate is a reaction from personal experience. We focus on what YOU want for your wedding; not what the industry peeps tell you. We love to push boundaries and break standards!

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

Rather than shoving the same dress at all of our brides, we listen to your likes and dislikes, and then help you discover your style with passion and patience! We focus on giving you a wonderful experience and helping you figure out what kind of dress you want, whether or not it’s in our store.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Yoga, kayaking, concerts, coloring (yes; with crayons!).

What's your favorite book?

Imajica by Clive Barker

What's your favorite movie?

Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Gnarls Barkley – The Last Time

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