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Holy shit. When the florist came to drop the flowers off, I wept like a BABY. She so clearly understood our vision (casual glamour without being “shabby chic”) and delivered it flawlessly. HIGHLY recommend Hedonia!


Travel Policy

We're based in Chicago and generally service surrounding suburbs up to an hour away. We're also available to travel!

Elopement Policy

We're happy to provide whatever floral pieces you need - we don't have minimums so small orders are fine by us!

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Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.


from the greek hedone, a feeling or state of pleasure

Simply put, Hedonia is our happy place. We hope you’ll join us there.

Hedonia Flowers is a floral design studio specializing in weddings & special events. We service greater Chicagoland (and occasionally travel) from our beautiful studio in historic Bridgeport. We’re out to offer a better experience for couples through transparent pricing, quick & honest communication, and, of course, beautiful flowers.


Why do you want to work with APW couples?


We love helping couples create beautiful, joyful weddings that feel authentic to the couple, whether or not they choose to partake in traditional wedding flowers. Plus, we understand that life doesn’t stop when you’re planning a wedding. APW couples are amazing, accomplished, super-busy folks that you can’t help but love!

What is your artistic approach to weddings?


We think of it as “relaxed elegance”, or maybe, “tailored organic”. We love big, luscious blooms, interesting textures, and lots of lush greenery. It’s a picked-from-the-garden look that oozes timeless charm without a hint of fussiness.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?


I love travelling. Looking at vintage things. Reading books on history of everyday objects, behavioral economics, and nautical disaster stories. I go birdwatching and camping and sailing whenever I can.

But mostly, I stay home and hang out with my cat.

I mean, that belly’s not going to rub itself.





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Christen's a knowledgeable and friendly lady! And she's showing her care and concerns to her staff handcraft. I'm a part-time learner and still learning. Hedonia's indeed a great state of pleasure of not only its little studio but also its kind peep. Thanks, Christen! Keep up the good job! I just learnt you have a lovely cat, Basil.


Had difficult time to remember all the flowers names. Lol!

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