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Travel Policy

As adventure seekers, we are always thrilled to travel! Our creativity flourishes in new environments. This is why, for weddings more than two hours from our home, we simply charge an additional fee based on travel time and expenses.

Elopement Policy

Elopements and micro weddings are a joy to document. Our average package for these are $1900. Please say hello and let us know what you're planning for a more detailed quote!

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

We are Iris and Echo…

A fine art photojournalistic wedding and portrait photography team located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and traveling worldwide. Founded by best friends, Maria and Ashley, Iris and Echo focuses on documenting genuine love and life; all with a fine art foundation.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

APW couples are open minded, diverse, unique, and genuine. These are traits of not only our dream clients but of those we wish to keep close to us on a personal level.

We have chosen to be a part of A Practical Wedding because those who find this site aren’t looking to visually duplicate someone else’s wedding. Instead, they are seeking vendors who will authentically tell their unique love story. We are the photographers who are proud to do that.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

This is simple… we get to know our couples. It’s the reason we include a complimentary engagement session in every collection we offer. It is so important for us to show up as friends on your wedding day instead of strangers with cameras.

We can’t document the genuine YOU in your portraits and throughout your day if we don’t know who you are. Our artistic approach is to care and then bring our years of knowledge, art education, and experience with us on the day you say “I Do”. 

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Maria (She/Her): “Art is nearly my entire life. I’ve never really had hobbies, just creative passions I “went for”.

Beyond running Iris and Echo, I am a traditionally trained fine art painter who exhibits internationally! I’m also a proud adjunct professor (photography and visual storytelling) at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. However, when not behind a camera, editing photos, teaching, or painting, I’m happily chasing around an adorable toddler (Lucian), spending time with my husband, reading, traveling, or cuddling with my two black rescue cats (Baxter and Maxfield).”

Ashley (She/Her): “When I’m not hiding behind a camera and designing amazing wedding albums, you can usually find me doing one of the following: 1. Trying desperately to keep up with/entertain my crazy (but cute) toddler. 2. At the gym! I love yoga, but also get down with cycle classes for cardio and body pump when I want to lift stuff up and put stuff down. 😉 3. In the kitchen; cooking or baking. I am a huge cookieaholic, so I am always baking something yummy. My husband is a chef and we are super into putting things in our mouths that taste good! We are always trying something new and different.”


What's your favorite book?

Maria: “I can’t pick one! I love reading. Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Invisible Monsters’ would be #1 if I had to choose. I also love his book “Diary”, Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca”, Vonnegut’s “Bluebeard”, Rosalind Miles’ “Who Cooked The Last Supper? Women’s History of The World,” and all of the Harry Potters. I could keep going. Truly.” 

Ashley: “I don’t have a favorite book, exactly. I have read some great books, but I’m not really a “read it again” type of girl. So, my favorite book is whatever I’m currently reading. I have been frequenting the library recently for different kinds of cookbooks to learn some new cuisines. Most recently, I’m working through a Korean cookbook!”

What's your favorite movie?

Maria: “I don’t know why but the only thing that’s coming to my brain right now is Drop Dead Fred.” 

Ashley: “This seems like an impossible question to answer! I feel like there should be a “in this genre” aspect to the question. If I have to pick just one, I have to go with Labyrinth. Bad guy, David Bowie, Puppets, and Jennifer Connolly’s eyebrows wrapped up in a fantasy land that sparkles. Yes, I’ll live there.”

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Maria: “I have recently been reacquainted with a love from my childhood (thanks to one of our brides!) and I play it all the time now: The Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls. Desk dance parties forever!”

Ashley: “Definitely, without a second thought or question, The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground.” 




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