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We can’t thank you enough for all the AMAZING pictures you captured of our special day. Each picture is better than the last — I have too many favorites!! From the “getting ready” photos to the beautiful ones from the ceremony, to the airplane and beach session, to the dance party and sparklers send-off, you were able to document each and every moment of the best day of our lives!! I find myself looking at our photos daily and reliving that wonderful day — thank you for allowing us to do this for years to come!


Travel Policy

We are based in New Jersey and work most frequently in New York City and the Princeton area, although Kyo has photographed weddings as far afield as Wisconsin, Maine, Maryland, Japan, India, Costa Rica and Switzerland.

We don't charge any travel fees for weddings in the NYC metro area, which we define as "anywhere from Greenwich, CT to Philadelphia, PA." In other words, within 65 miles or so from our home base. So we travel free of charge to anywhere in New Jersey, New York City, Westchester County, parts of Long Island, the NYC suburbs of Connecticut, and the Philadelphia area.

We offer all-inclusive destination wedding packages, as well. Visit for more info.

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

We are a husband-and-wife team who believe that warm and relaxed beats formal and flawless, that friends and family are most lovable when they’re most themselves, and that the best photos don’t remind you how something looked but how it felt. We are very yin and yang; Kyo is the photographer and untamed soul, and Janna is the designer and behind-the-scenes “office engineer” who keeps everything organized.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

We’ve found that the kind of couples who gravitate towards us are nice, grounded, thoughtful and adventurous people – people who could be our friends. When we stumbled across APW, it’s down-to-earth, pragmatic, friendly, and quirky point of view resonated with us completely. We knew right away that it wasn’t the typical “wedding blog” and it would be the perfect place to connect with couples who share our approach and values.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

[Kyo:] I started off shooting street and documentary photography. The reason why I love that kind of photography is because I love to capture moments in time and people’s emotions. As it turns out, that works really well for wedding photography. I didn’t set out to become a wedding photographer, but I’ve been doing it now for 14 years, and it’s been great. Every couple is unique, so every job is an opportunity to experience and create something new.

[Janna:] Kyo is the photographer, and I’m the one who’ll work with you afterwards if you want an album or a guestbook. I used to work in publishing and I absolutely LOVE making books and telling stories through good graphic design. (Kyo always jokes that I love creating books so much that I do it for fun, even when clients aren’t paying me!) In terms of my artistic approach, I’m a fan of “less is more”, so I always strive for clean, simple, uncluttered design that lets the pictures tell the story.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

We are pretty passionate about our non-work-related hobbies, so if you want to have a lively conversation, just get us started on one of them! Kyo loves mountain biking, tinkering with his motorcycle, traveling, maintaining our wood stove, being in the mountains, and eating good food. Janna loves reading, meditation, design, traveling, cooking, volunteering at the farmers market, perusing cookbooks, thinking about menus, and eating good food. (You can guess how we bonded!) We are working together on a photo-documentary children’s book about a young farmer.

What's your favorite movie?

Kyo’s favorite movie is the old Antonini classic “Blow Up”, because it’s one of the few films that gets deep into the psyche of a photographer. Janna’s favorite movie is “Tampopo,” a Japanese comedy about a down-and-out ramen shop owner who meets a trucker who changes her life (and cooking). In Janna’s opinion, it’s the best foodie movie ever made.

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Yesel & Alex


The two reasons we initially were drawn to Kyo Morishima were a) their understanding of multiethnic/bicultural family unions (as we are also a biracial/multicultural couple) and this felt important to us to work with someone who can identify with and honor this kind of union; b) his photography style is documentary-style and he captures emotions in an unassuming way. I'd rather not pose for a ton of photos but instead have someone capture moments throughout the day that are 100% natural and raw. So many pros but just to name a few: -Warm, personable, and professional demeanor of both Janna and Kyo Morishima: From the minute we met them in person and throughout the whole process of the wedding, we were always met with kindness and consideration. We felt so comfortable and confident in the process of planning the wedding photography with them. -The promptness of responding: Anyone planning a wedding knows it's important to get quick and informative answers to questions. I always heard back from Janna/Kyo soon after I sent them a message and they did their best to answer my questions. I even found my makeup consultant through them! -How easy Kyo made the day of the wedding feel in terms of our portraits and couples photo session: The way Kyo directed us during the day of our wedding made us feel so comfortable and it felt EASY to take photos throughout the day. I kept telling Kyo that I felt like I should have been doing more during the day because he was so on top of everything and let me attend to everything else. Our guests commented on how Kyo was so attentive and clearly documenting all of the special moments. -We haven't even seen the final product yet but I am 100% confident we'll be so happy. We ordered one of their fine art wedding albums so we're excited for that keepsake.


Honestly, can't think of anything.

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