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Trendy blue dendrobium orchid peacock feather wedding invitation set

Highly Satisified! Starting with the first email I received from Lemon Leaf Prints after I placed my order, until I approved the final proofs they sent... Everything went smoothly! I am very satisfied with the invitations I ordered. I will surely recommend it to family and friends!

Djinamarie 04/04/17

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

Founded by two sisters (Shannon and Vicki), Lemon Leaf Prints is a collaborative effort of 14 independent graphic designers, artists, and photographers from around the world that specialize in creating unique wedding invitations and matching stationery. In addition to catering to wedding trends, we aim to provide unique designs for offbeat and quirky weddings as well. Something you generally won’t find on other sites.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

We love the no nonsense advice of the Practical Wedding blog. We want to help couples with their wedding planning in a way that works for them. We offer affordable invitations and unique, even offbeat designs. So many invitation sites have generic offerings. We want to provide designs that are not the standard offering. With our fantastic customer service, we think we can help take the stress out of invitation shopping by having the invitation designers personalize their wedding invitation wording for couples free of charge. That’s right, the actual designer of the invitation personalizes the wording for you and that’s included with the purchase price. Our designers will also offer practical advice on a couple’s wedding invitation wording if you require it. This is also included with your purchase.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

Each of our designers has a unique look and artistic approach. We aim to provide a wide selection of invitation designs so that customers can find something for their motorcycle wedding, their denim wedding, their rainbow themed wedding, etc. We want to provide customers with choice, so they can have their perfect wedding… whatever that means to them.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Shannon, co-founder of Lemon Leaf Prints, enjoys hiking and travelling on her spare time. Vicki, the other co-founder of Lemon Leaf Prints, enjoys shopping and watching movies in her spare time.

What's your favorite book?

Shannon’s favorite series of books is “The Lord of the Rings”. Vicki’s is “The Thorn Birds”.

What's your favorite movie?

Shannon’s favorite movie is “The Princess Bride”. Vicki’s is also “The Princess Bride”. Great minds think alike.

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Shannon would pick “Home for a Rest” by a band called “The Spirit of the West”. Vicki would pick “Brown Eyed Girl”.

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