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Meera...MEERA!!! These are absolutely stunning, and you truly 🙂 the joy of the day, the warmth of our family and friends, all of it. I can't help but think about how we'll be looking at these very same photos when we're old and gray and we will remember not just this happiest day of our lives but the spirit of that day, because you managed to see that and capture it for us. I am eternally grateful, we both are. I can't stop going through them one by one loving each special moment, even the tiniest details. And truly the part, which I will never ever forget was how YOU more than anyone else that day made me feel peaceful, free to think only of our love and helped me be able to be in the moment. And we truly were, we could experience and take in as much as possible. These days with cell phones and constantly striving for the next and documenting the now...we didn't need to. Your presence made me feel light and free. I can't thank you enough for all you've given us. From the bottom of my heart, both of our hearts, we thank you!!!!

Lindsay and Richard

Travel Policy

I will travel anywhere in the United celebrate and support my couples on your wedding day. I live, work, love and play from Missoula, Montana.

Like my other all-inclusive pricing, I offer a set travel stipend for out of state / travel weddings, which varies by location. That set stipend includes all travel and accommodations so you don't have to stress about random extra dollars. There's already enough of that "unexpected expense" crap in wedding planning. I'm here to limit your stress, not add to it!

Elopement Policy

The point of an elopement is (usually) to keep your partnership front and center, without all the distracting emotional and mental stress of a full wedding. So my elopement package is simple, to support you in that goal: it's a set price, which includes a full six-month Dig Deeper Experience, coverage of your entire day together along with an integrated Dig Deeper photo session, edits of all the images, and an album. It also already includes my travel and any accommodations, so you don't have to worry about extra details. Contact me for a breakdown!!!

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

Hi, beautiful! I’m Meera. I specialize in undoing the harm caused by the Commercial Wedding Industry…by helping my couples turn inwards to focus on what really matters most, and by creating storytelling imagery in a way that centers identity, community, emotion and the authentic voices of my people.


Why do you want to work with APW couples?

“My people” are couples who are best friends. They are real, down-to-earth, kind, passionate, deeply-in-love people – the types of people that will always choose to spend 4 hours having a great conversation with an old friend over shallow conversation at a party. My People are excited to have a wedding to kickoff their marriage…but know that a lifetime of friendship and marriage is WAY more important than a single day. In other words – exactly the awesome kind of people drawn to APW.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

It’s not enough for a photo to just look like something – it has to FEEL like something. My style is photojournalistic, airy and bright. I spend hours and hours nurturing a genuine friendship with my couples – through conversations, through a special technique called “Moment Design” during our Couples Session, and a million other little moments – so by the time we get to your wedding, I can immerse myself in your perspective, and join your community in laughter and tears and friendship for the day, to really, truly capture images that FEEL the way your day feels.

I never go through the motions; I’m there to help you lean in and breath and enjoy all the things that matter, as much as I’m there to experience them alongside you and capture what unfolds. And it’s all really an unfolding!! I love the in-between and unexpected moments as much…or maybe even more…than the big, planned moments. When you get your photos, they should be so vibrant and alive that you laugh and cry and discover all over again.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Loving on our rescue pup, eating, walking in fresh air and quiet places, singing, sharing laughs/conversation with my other half (Eliot), cooking, did I mention eating?

What's your favorite book?

THE ENTIRE HARRY POTTER SERIES. I read it on loop as “bedtime comfort reading.” So does Eliot. We think we might have a problem.

What's your favorite movie?

Ooooh…. it’s a toss up between When Harry Met Sally (real) and The Princess Bride (absurd).

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Everybody Dance Now (C+C Music Factory). Cause…90s jams, what?

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Simone & John


Where to even begin?? One glance at Meera’s site will show you the absolute magic and authentic love she captures; as you explore further, you’ll get a taste of how much of her own love, joy, and enthusiasm she pours into her art and her clients. The short version: working with Meera is a transformative, incredible experience that will help your partner see themselves through your eyes. This journey (yep, it’s a journey!) will make both your wedding and your relationship even more meaningful and celebrated than you’d imagine possible (especially amid the frequent stress of planning the event!). As a queer person, it was important to both me and my partner that all our vendors shared our values and celebrated love: know that you will be safe and supported with Meera. Also, my partner and I both consider(ed) ourselves unphotogenic and camera shy; very rarely do we see photos of ourselves that we like, and neither of us has ever been comfortable in front of a camera. If this is you: TRUST MEERA. She’s a genius at helping you relax and connect with your partner without worrying (too much) about the photos she’s snapping from afar. The engagement session was wonderful; we had a chance to get to know Meera in person, and her approach helped us vanquish awkwardness and explore and deepen our connection, which absolutely comes through in the photos from both the engagement shoot and the day of the wedding. In a series of skype calls in the months beforehand, Meera helped us focus on what we wanted to feel, experience, and remember about our wedding, which helped us stay present to the joy of our community and celebration instead of getting sucked into the stress and jitters and whirlwind that accompany such a significant event. By the time we got married, Meera was every bit as much a part of our community as our lifelong friends and family (we would’ve wanted her to attend as a friend even if she wasn’t the photographer! But as it’s hopefully clear by now—we are so glad she was our photographer). Her photos captured the essence of our love, the perfect golden October light, the genuine joy everyone was feeling. I had to stop starring photos in our final album because I was favoriting every one. Maybe you weren’t anticipating a novel when you started reading this review, but trust me: this only scratches the surface. Meera is a gem, and we were (and are!) so lucky to have her on our team and in our lives.

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Heather B


Having Meera as our wedding photographer is maybe the best decision my partner and I made related to our wedding... and we made a lot of good decisions (hello, apple cinnamon wedding cake with maple filling!). She is one of the most astonishingly honest and compassionate human beings I've ever had the privilege to know. Her capacity to truly love and support her clients throughout the entire wedding planning process is so incredible in and of itself... AND it enables her to capture the most spectacularly authentic images of you and your loved ones. She is an incredibly skilled photographer -- a casual glance at her photographs would tell you that -- but what really sets her apart is how safe she makes you feel while photographing intimate moments between you and your partner, how adeptly she corrals large groups of people for family/friend shots, and how carefully she works to document the range of emotions and experiences of that special day. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Taylore and Kevin


Meera is a brilliant photographer, a magic maker, and a lovely human. When we were in the process of hiring a photographer for our wedding, we truly had no idea what we were getting into, how it worked, what our photography needs were, or how profound the decision of hiring a photographer could be. The day we met Meera, we knew immediately that she was the one we wanted to work with. She was attentive to getting to know us and our needs, we felt comfortable with her, and her photography approach of capturing our story + authentic moments + feelings of our wedding day sealed the deal. Also, she allowed us to only have 8 staged photos and we were like--YES! Fist Bump! High Five! Booty Bump! We didn’t want to spend our wedding taking staged photos—We wanted to PARTY with our people! Over the several months leading up to our wedding, Meera checked in with us to see how we were doing, offered her guidance, help + an ear. We had the pleasure of experiencing a couples session (engagement photos) before our wedding. This session allowed my husband and I to open even more into our love—it was so fun + playful and we felt super connected afterward. The images are US—Meera helped us be even more US! On our wedding day, we felt so comfortable with Meera because we had built a relationship over the past several months. She totally kept us on track with our pre-ceremony getting ready timeline and was there to capture all of the getting ready shenanigans. When we received our wedding photos we were blown away. Our day was super fucking fun, full of vibrancy + joy and the images she took captured all of it perfectly. The hugs, the tears, receiving the love from our friends and family, the epic dancing, the beauty of the environment and the authentic connections all shined through. You want Meera on your team. She captures stunning photos, her communication is on point, she is super fucking organized. She has shit dialed in terms of logistics, timelines, planning, and presentation of your images. We made ALOT of decisions over the course of preparing for our wedding and we are SO thankful that we said YES to working with Meera.

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Hillary & Chris


Unique, trustworthy, inspiring, thoughtful, truthful, and caring are just SOME qualities of Meera and her photography. Our wedding was remote and intimate. Only immediate family was present. Meera quickly earned our trust, and she and her assistant were invited to join us for our closely knit ceremony. We immediately knew it was the correct decision. Meera doesn’t just show up on the big day, she digs in early on developing a relationship with her clients, with planned-out steps along the way. Her approach is organized, wholesome, and hands-on. She has a soulful eye for true beauty. Note: If you’re only looking for a traditional wedding photographer, and aren’t interested in a candid, natural, documentary style, then you’ll easily find lots of them elsewhere. But, if you and your partner want a one-of-a-kind, capable artist and storyteller who will do what it takes to truly witness you on your wedding day, and capture the heart of what’s really there--all of it--then you absolutely must explore the work of Meera Graham Photography.

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Sarah and Nick


Meera was our single best wedding decision, hands down. Not only is she a phenomenal photographer, but she cares for you as people in an exciting and sometimes stressful time. Starting with the couples (engagement) session, Meera established a bond, friendship, and trust with us that carried through to the wedding itself. She does not make you do awkward, stiff posing - Meera facilitates an organic and loving experience from which she gets hundreds of photos that really look like you as a couple and how you love each other. Meera is great about checking in with you throughout the process, making sure you're feeling good about the planning and her place in it. On the day of our wedding, I sighed with relief when Meera and her assistant rolled up. Everything was going to be fine now! Meera is a calm, genial, and together professional who smoothed over stress and time crunches on the actual day of the wedding. She goes above and beyond, not just taking photos in the corner, but being a part of the wedding and our experience because she cares about you as a person and a couple. The photos are simply beautiful. The day after the wedding when we got the sneak peeks we called Meera in tears thanking her. She is so talented at capturing the spirit and joy of a celebration, it's just amazing. She really took the time to understand how we wanted to feel and remember the day and she found those moments without a hitch. Do yourself a favor - invite Meera into your life and your celebration immediately!

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Angelyta & Kendra


OMG Where do I begin. Well we met Meera by by sheer chance. My wife and I went to a wedding expo and almost won a raffle for a free honeymoon and we was one ticket off we would have one if my mother -in-law would have been on time because that was the deciding factor, so that same expo was in a whole other city and state the next day so we went in hopes of winning the raffle lol. Never had real plans to actually look for any vendors we wasn't interested in that. That changed the minute we strolled past her booth and the lit candles that smelled divine led us there, once there we never made it to anyone else booth. Between looking at her pictures and feeling all tpyes of feelings looking at complete strangers pictures. Needless to say before we left there we knew she was our photographer. My wife was in love with her journalist style and I was in love with the feeling and her spirit. Meera's work is amazing!!!!!


There was none!!!!

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Kelly & Michael


At the end of our introductory Skype meeting with Meera, before we officially hired her, she already felt like a close friend. Now, after a couple's session, pre-wedding planning, and wedding photos, she feels like a close friend who captures the heart of us in ways we didn't know were possible. Meera is an astonishing photographer, a consummate professional, and an even better person. She made (and continues to make, even after our wedding) a real effort to get to know us as people and as a couple. Her pictures prove how important that effort truly is. We cannot be happier with our couples session and wedding photos, and our guests have gone out of their way to tell us that she's the best photographer they've ever seen. That recommendation carries more weight given how easily Meera befriended and worked with our families, which belong to two cultures different from her own. She even insisted on being at our hotel early in the morning the day of the wedding to photograph a traditional tea ceremony we performed for our immediate families. She puts an emphasis on taking people--both her couples as well as their friends and families--as they are. Her photography reflects that emphasis. Our pictures are wonderfully joyful and silly and emotional, but without the artifice of poses or overly tweaked settings. At every step she was organized, professional, respectful, and warm. She kept us grounded both the day of our wedding and throughout the planning process. Every so often we'd get a small gift in the mail that reminded us--even in the middle of planning-related anxieties--of why we were doing this. During our wedding day she was as much a shoulder to lean on as a photographer. We're already planning a post-wedding call to catch up with our friend, even as our professional relationship with Meera is drawing to an end. Our only regret is that we aren't planning another wedding for ourselves so we could book her again!

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