Nikol Elaine

Chloe Jackman.
Robin Jolin.
Freda Banks.
Brittany Rene.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

I am excited to meet and work with APW couples because I am just like them!

Let’s create a beautiful, clean, gorgeous version of your every day self on your wedding day TOGETHER!

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

Artistically, I have always been involved in the arts. I grew up painting, sketching, and even dabbling taking photos! I believe that I bring this artistic eye when I am working with my clients.
I love clean, soft, and effortless looking makeup.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

I love to sweat, and by that I mean hit the gym as often as I can! I love working out, rock climbing, and lifting weights!
A close second is making dinner, something healthy and tasty then taking it outside for a picnic! So romantic!

What's your favorite book?

I just read: ‘My heart is an Idiot’ and loved it!!!

What's your favorite movie?

Favorite is a strong word… but I have to say anything from the director Wes Anderson

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

So first of all, is it a cool or a ridiculously hot day here in my office? If you won’t answer me that, then I am going with the 70’s folk station on Pandora

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