Rebecca y Las Otras

“Rebecca is fabulous. Not only is she an insanely talented artist and photographer with incredible taste for color, but she is also a very delightful person. The entire experience with Rebecca—from the moment we discovered her work online to receiving the final edited wedding photos—was flawless and stress-free. She was extremely responsive, transparent about prices, genuinely caring and supportive of us having the best day of our lives, punctual, and professional. Working with her was the least stressful part of the wedding. The pictures are gorgeous and we continue to admire them on a near daily basis, even two months post-wedding. Thank you Rebecca for being a rare, wonderful human being and artist.”


Travel Policy

No travel fee within 50 miles of Los Angeles; small gas/lodging fee for a road-trip destination (West Coast); invoice for flight/lodging for any destination that requires a plane flight.

Elopement Policy

I love to shoot elopements, small weddings and courthouse weddings! I craft custom quotes for these smaller celebrations. There is limited availability, so please email me if you're interested in this.

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, shooting weddings and elopements throughout California. I focus on real, candid moments; I’ll be a fly-on-the-wall and let you be present in the full joy of your celebration.

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

When I got engaged several years ago, I was stumped. I wanted to plan a lowkey DIY backyard wedding, but most of the websites and magazines I looked at were not geared towards that — everything was about luxury and outrageous displays of wealth. Being a Latina from a low-income background, it was hard to find wedding content that reflected myself, my family, my community.

When I found A Practical Wedding, it was a breath of fresh air. I bookmarked it, got all kinds of fantastic ideas, and APW has had a space in my heart ever since then.

If you can relate to this, let’s chat!

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

Color, light, vitality, joy. When I’m photographing, I’m always seeking vivid colors, real emotions, gestures and body language that tell the story between people. I focus intently on the people in front of me and their unique story. I approach every wedding like Les Blank, a documentarian that I admire: wide open listening, looking for who these people really are. And photographing things not just how they look, but how they feel! I aim to photograph real life, how it really looks in front of us — which is different than how it looks in a mirror, or through a cameraphone lens.

What's your favorite book?

Currently obsessed with Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan Novels!

What's your favorite movie?

Anything by John Cassavetes, Agnes Varda or Lee Chang-dong.

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

Paul Simon’s “Late in the Evening” or Nina Simone’s “22nd Century.” The rhythm and feeling of these songs are just unbeatable.

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Phi & Andrew


We approached Rebecca for her photojournalistic photography, something we explicitly wanted in our wedding because we wanted those natural moments captured without looking awkward, and she astonished us by capturing so many sentimental and hilarious parts throughout our wedding. From framing to editing, the photos turned out fantastic and we love them so much! You can see raw emotion, joy, and amazement throughout them. She truly captured the feelings of the day without making us feel overly posed and orchestrated; she made it all feel natural and sometimes even seemed to disappear out of sight (although the photos prove she was there all along). She truly is an artist! We also appreciated Rebecca and Stephanie getting onto the dance floor and grooving with us while capturing hilarious moments. We highly recommend Rebecca if you want authentic, beautiful photos from someone who understands how to include cultural and personal values in your special event!

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K and Ed Boning


Rebecca was awesome beyond words and we highly recommend her. Our wedding was non-traditional and posed some unique challenges. We threw a backyard Halloween party and surprised our guests by exchanging vows at midnight. To go along with the surprise and remain incognito, Rebecca showed up in costume as an old-timey reporter with a "PRESS" marker tucked in her hatband. She pulled the ruse off flawlessly, blending in and chatting effortlessly with our friends so that she could capture those perfectly candid and special moments throughout the night. No one appeared camera shy, no one looked awkward or directed, every last portrait was of a cherished friend at their joyous best. We had been initially concerned about our lighting conditions since the event was outdoors and at night. We couldn't go too overboard with party lights, nor did we want our photographer to be milling through the crowd with a bright flash. Rebecca laid our concerns to rest well before the event, and her expertise with low-light shooting is on display in our gallery. The photos were absolutely stunning. Some of our favorites were the amazingly touching and genuine reactions of surprise when we revealed we were getting married. We could not be happier or have asked for a better experience. We'll cherish these beautiful mementos for the rest of our lives and we cannot recommend Rebecca y las otras enough.

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Vanessa and Steven


I first discovered Rebecca through a website called offbeat I was looking for a photographer with a unique shooting style and she immediately caught my eye. I fell in love with her photos and found myself looking at her portfolio over and over until we finally were ready to book our vendors. Rebecca was quick to reply and her enthusiasm made me feel so happy and reassured that we chose the right person to capture our big day. Our engagement photos were amazing and made me so eager to see how our wedding photos would look. She definitely lived up to our expectations and more. There were photos that made me cry and her documentary style allowed me to relive the entire day. It was so cool being able to see all the things we missed during moments when we were busy, like cocktail hour and the faces of our loved ones when we were saying "I do." When we were showing our friends and family our photos a lot of them would say that she was like a fly on the wall and they don't even remember her taking those pictures. We liked that because it made everyone comfortable to be themselves and let loose, which resulted in beautiful candid photos. Rebecca and Steph, you were both so kind and professional. We cannot thank you enough for being so talented in your craft and delivering the most incredible wedding photos.

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I showed my best friend some of Rebecca’s work when we were searching for photographers and she marveled that the folks in Rebecca’s photos “feel so much more like real people than other shoots like this.” That precisely captures Rebecca’s work + energy and confirmed our decision to work with her! We worked with Rebecca for our elopement ceremony and our tea ceremony and it was truly a special experience. Rebecca made an huge effort to know and support us as a couple before the event, which helped us trust that she would be there to capture all the right moments and then some! Our family and friends all loved her and we got many questions about how we knew her and if she was a friend of ours (she is now!); this really speaks to her kind, open, and genuine presence. She moved the event along while also treating everyone with respect and compassion. We already knew that her work was incredible and we couldn’t be happier with our own results. We cannot recommend Rebecca enough! You’ll get beautiful, soulful photos and the chance to have an amazing human in your life if you book her!

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No one captures the look of love like Rebecca. My partner and I hired Rebecca to take photos for our 10th anniversary. Neither of us had ever had professional photos taken before, but Rebecca put us at ease. As she shot, she invited us to reminisce and reflect on our relationship. She is fantastic at not only capturing genuine, intimate moments but at creating the conditions for that intimacy and authenticity.

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Rebecca's work is truly stunning. The photographs she captured are like little portals back into the wedding day. They really capture the moment and the moods that my partner and I (and everyone else) were in. The photographs are just wonderful candid shots from our big day. I lead with that because it speaks to how well she does her work. She had a copy of our timeline and helped us to stay on time and to be able to relax a bit more. She helped us pick the best spots for the few posed shots we did and helped us to wrangle people. For the rest of the time she worked, she was all over the place, in the best possible way. She really was a fly on the wall capturing the moments of the day. We were stunned at how many people and moments she managed to capture and the quality of those photographs. Definitely an amazing vendor!

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Jocelyn & Sam


Rebecca is truly amazing. We hired her because of her knack for capturing genuine, real life moments, as opposed to contrived poses that can sometimes feel forced, at least in our experiences as attendees at other weddings. Sometimes you just don't want to fake it! We felt we could be our natural selves, and interact with our guests genuinely. She perfectly captured the energy, the stories, and the emotions of the best day of our lives. She not only took beautiful photos, she also was heavily invested in our well-being. Months before the big day, she would check in with us and make sure we were doing okay. Sometimes she would patiently listen to us vent about the all the stresses that come with planning a wedding, which you, reader, are likely familiar with. Come the day-of, she was looking out when guests turned to us for logistical questions. She would say "Go talk to the coordinator!" or if we needed support, she would rally our bridal party/groomsmen and make sure we were taken care of. She really was so much more than a photographer. She became a good friend that we hope to keep throughout our lives. Please, do yourself a favor and hire this wonderful human, who also happens to take great pictures!!!

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