Travel Policy

I love traveling and so always offer travel at 10% off! Anywhere within a 2hr drive incurs no fees.

Elopement Policy

I love elopements! My basic package is:
4 hrs of coverage
1 photog
USB of edited files
Online gallery for viewing & ordering
Total: $1500

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.


Why do you want to work with APW couples?

I love APW readers best because they’re so comfortable in who they are, unapologetically and honestly. This is a point I’ve come to in my life, recently, both personally and as a business woman, so I understand and yearn to connect with that in others. I like people who have opinions, who take stands for what matters most to them, and easily let go of the things that don’t. The people who are secretly crybabies, or never stop smiling, or flap their hands when they get excited. The beautiful and awesome weirdos that this world is made up of, because I’m one of those, too.

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

My main style is photojournalistic and illustrative, capturing what’s going on naturally: the raw emotions, the tiny details, the feeling of the day. I’m there to grab how things feel just a little bit more than how they look, playing with light to evoke a mood or emotion, and making sure everything looks FANTASTIC. I photograph your love, the way it looks and feels and reveals itself in ways you might not necessarily see while inside of it. I don’t over pose, preferring to let your undomestic and wild love show through instead as we share bad jokes and explore neat spots together.

I’m the kind of photographer who invites couples to come play in the spotlight so that I can showcase all the cool and amazing things they bring to the world and to each other in their relationship. I appreciate the fact that my clients are more than just their car, their job, or their brand of coffee, and their wedding is going to be more than just a ceremony, a ring, and a party. It’s going to be an expression of all that they are and, even more importantly, all that they are together. They might be introverts or extroverts, tattooed or buttoned-up, lions or unicorns, or all of the above. No matter what kind of magical creatures they are, I am here to frame them in a way that rings true and shows all that’s unique and wondrous about them.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Reading has always been huge for me, and I’m always looking for new recommendations! I love exploring places old and new, hiking and camping and traveling. I love theatre {even local productions} and musicals and movies and binge-watching tv shows. I love road trips and driving, and I am in a constant state of improvement and learning and self-discovery in all aspects of my life

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

“Black Betty” by Ram Jam

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Raven (and her second shooter Nic) were AWESOME! I found them through APW, and they traveled to Memphis from Georgia for the wedding, showing up in time to hang out at the rehearsal dinner and meet some people before the big day. On the wedding day, Raven had a ton of prompts for us that got actual, natural reactions for the photos, instead of just telling us to "look at each other" or "move your left hand over here," which also made picture taking a lot more fun. She had great ideas for ways to work with and interact with the space around us, she laughed at our (dumb, corny) jokes, made friends with our family and friends, and was an all around awesome person to work with. Her enthusiasm and positive feedback made her a great person to be around on an already joyful day. Plus, she posted a few amazing sneak peeks on social media to help tide us over until all of the final shots arrive. We are definitely already scheming for more times when we'll need a professional photographer! 14/10 definitely recommend.


She lives in Atlanta and not Memphis? I have to wait a month for all of the photos to be in my hot little hands? Really, there aren't any cons.

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