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Zoe is everything you know you want in your wedding photographer and more! She brings calm, professional expertise as well as warmth, creativity and intuitive interaction on a day that's full of nerves! Zoe was patient throughout the planning process and amazingly helpful - I had recently moved to the Bay area and didn't have many contacts or much time to do research - she helpfully recommended vendors and ideas as we pieced together my non-traditional ceremony. She truly went above and beyond, helping with details that were beyond "just" photography, but I realize now looking through her amazing pictures that she endeavors to have a full understanding of the vision for the wedding day so she can capture it flawlessly. Her pricing is fair and easy-to-understand. And I always felt comfortable asking questions. Working with her was amazing, her presence at our wedding was a gift, and the pictures she captured were beyond perfect - and THEN she introduced me to the printed wedding album. I didn't even know I wanted it, but she met with me and without ever pressuring me showed me what was possible and helped me think through why I might or might not want to make this investment. I am forever grateful I did! I honestly considered printing some fav pics myself and putting them together somehow, or using a separate online service to save some money, but I'm so glad I didn't do anything like that! For one, I learned that her price was AMAZINGLY fair. Beyond that, with her ability to help me make decisions about pictures, and the talent and skill she brings to developing the layout, and the gorgeous, better than I could have dreamed finished product - so grateful. Zoe understands fully the quirky dynamics of an intimate wedding. She's patient and wise and warm and captures all of the moments you want plus a million you didn't even notice, but she does! Book Zoe - she brings the magic!

Lauren P.

Travel Policy

Travel is included within 50 miles each way of San Francisco 94103

Elopement Policy

3 hours min. coverage Monday - Friday. Available sometimes weekends during months of November - April.

San Francisco City Hall wedding coverage begins at up to 2 hours of coverage!

Describe your business in 1-3 short sentences.

I make images that feel authentic and truly you. Documentary-style photos, RAD people. San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

We are FOR the underrepresented couples, the people getting married their own way. WHATEVER THAT LOOKS LIKE. No judgment, no expectations. Just love!

San Francisco City Hall is a passion of mine too and I shoot a ton there!

Why do you want to work with APW couples?

I’m a pragmatist at heart and love couples that fall somewhere outside of the mainstream. APW couples usually have their own values and passions at the forefront of their wedding vision.  

What is your artistic approach to weddings?

My way of working is both bold and tender, modern and timeless, edgy and romantic, muted and colorful, intimate and expansive. I tell stories through images.

What are your non-work-related hobbies?

Hobbies? Maybe when I retire! Seriously, running a business is full-time, all the time, and then some. I would go crazy without friends, meeting new people, eating good food (but don’t cook very well), spending time with my husband, watching bad horror films, walking around the neighborhoods of San Francisco where I live, and traveling.

What's your favorite book?

Anything by Paul Auster. I pretty much read all of this books on rotation as I never remember the plots, so it’s like I can just rediscover the crazy stories within stories every few years.

What's your favorite movie?

Return to Oz, a kids’ film based on Wizard of Oz it is dark and creepy AF. I can’t f*king stand Wizard of Oz.

If you could have a one minute dance party at your desk, what song would you pick?

A medley of all-British terrible early 90’s pop/house music when people didn’t care whether music was cool or not, but boy, it got you dancing.

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Angely Guevara


For context, me and my spouse had a small / elopement style wedding. We were "cutting corners" in our budget for some elements, BUT quality photography was a high priority. - Zoe's photography style is the perfect balance of dreamy brightness and warm authenticity - Really flexible, realistic pricing structure - She's a really open, honest and timely communicator - SUPER knowledgeable—helped us make a lot of logistical choices and really guided us (we didn't have a wedding planner, so her deep knowledge of vendors and logistics was very appreciated) - SO easy going in person, really charming and makes any awkward person (*raises hand*) feel cute and glam - She's really thoughtful about time and when to capture what - Flexible and quick-thinking—we had a weather/time issue, and she adapted quickly to a new plan and shooting location


- Her price is very fair given everything that she does and the high quality of her work, but if you're looking for a cheap photo package, Zoe might be not be the best fit

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Eduardo Samuel


Zoe is amazing, we were so lucky to have her as our wedding photographer! On to what matters most, the output: we absolutely love our engagement and our wedding photos. They're incredibly beautiful. Zoe knows how to capture the best light, she pays attention to those beautiful-but-fleeting moments, and she turns those into polished photos that convey so much emotion. It's a true work of art. And then there's all the other stuff that's just as important -- she's so easy to work with. She was an incredible communicator from the beginning, and was always on the ball with her stuff. She makes people feel at ease, and she excels at her job without being on your face. She cares about her customers deeply, and works with them to get an output that works for everyone. She also has an amazing network of wedding vendors; we got our florist through her, and, when our bartender had to cancel a week before our wedding, Zoe helped us find a great replacement. We'd hire Zoe again in a heartbeat, and we'll continue to recommend her to our friends. If you like what you see on her website, you should absolutely get in touch!


Really, nothing!

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