Kate & Cydney

* Kate Pope, Investment Attorney &  Cydney Pope, Assistant District Attorney * Photographer: Moodeous Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “The Dog Days are Over” by Florence + The Machine *

The Info—Photography: Moodeous Photography / Secondary Photography: Bill Rowe (Kristy’s Dad) / Venue: Overbrook House / Catering: B&M Catering Company / Music: Our rockin’ iPod / Flowers: Provided by Fifty Flowers and arranged by Kate’s mom and aunts/ Rentals: New England Country Rentals & Party Cape Cod / Dress: La Sposa / Suit: Henry A. Davidson

Other cool stuff we should know about:  We have anniversary wine bottles to open on our 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th anniversaries—we had our guests write notes to us that we’ll read as we open ’em! Matching flasks for Kate and her “broomsmen” were purchased at a truck stop on I-95. Our wedding cake toppers, two chicks, were purchased at CVS the Friday before the wedding from the discount bin after Easter. And Cydney wore a fur stole her grandmother won in a contest in 1962—it even had her grandmother’s name (in her own handwriting!) stitched inside.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Relaxed, elegant, and entertaining.

Favorite thing about the wedding: The best memory we have is the very end of the night. The weather reports all said it was going to rain all day, but we had fantastic weather the entire time. In the end, it was only as we walked back to the big house together from the reception, feeling surrounded by friends, family, and their happiness for us, that it finally started to rain.

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  • Stunning. Congratulations.

  • carrie

    Wow. Well, that was fabulous. Congratulations!

  • Class of 1980


    Daffodils and guitars and babies! Two chicks on a cake – fun! Happy tears all over the place!

    And you both look fantastic. ;)

    • Liz

      Seriously, I got waves of chills while looking through this post.

  • LOVE this wedding. I love all the emotion in the photos! Congratulations, Kate and Cydney!

    • So totally agree! It looks like a fun, beautiful wedding, but also the emotion is what really sends me over the edge. Someone’s father (I’m assuming he’s father of one of the ladies?) wiping his eyes just made me tear up, as did the one of Cydney wiping her eyes, and the one of her and her (again, I’m assuming) father. So beautiful and sweet.

      • Cydney

        My grandfather will be tickled pink that you thought he was my father. So glad you liked the photos of the day!

        • Now I see the photo of you being walked down the aisle and I don’t know how I thought your grandfather was your father. But I’m glad to compliment him! I must be really bad at judging men’s ages. I thought my husband’s grandfather was his uncle (and married to my husband’s aunt) the first time I met him. I couldn’t understand why this uncle by way of marriage was so extra excited to meet me.

          Still, BEAUTIFUL wedding. I hope all is still as lovely!

  • Awesome all around

  • So much emotion. Congratulations!

  • Oh man, this song gets me EVERY. TIME. Combine that with this gorgeous wedding and emotional images… I’m a mess! Just beautiful.

  • Flan

    I’m not sure why, but this wordless wedding moved me to tears. I literally sat at my desk crying for about 5 minutes. Congratulations! The love between the two of you, and the love of your community is so apparent in these pictures!

    • I cried no less than three times shooting this wedding. You should have heard the toasts. Particularly Kate’s toast to Cydney. So beautiful.

  • DNA

    Congratulations, Kate and Cydney! I second The Modern Gal’s comment about all the wonderful emotions in the photos.

  • Yet Another Boston Lauren

    Love. The. Hair.

    (and everything else – this wedding is just completely my cup of tea. so stunning and obviously joyful.)

  • Katie in DC

    I’m normally sort of indifferent about wordless wedding features, but this one has moved me to tears; incredible. The pictures are amazing. The emotion is raw, and real, and palpable. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

  • sarahdipity

    Congratulations, Kate and Cydney, you wedding was so beautiful!

    I *love* the Overbrook house. We looked at it when we were wedding planning but our wedding was in late October and after 2 nightmares about it raining sideways into the tent and everyone complaining that it was cold we picked something else. I’m glad you got to have the relaxed laid back wedding at a place with such great atmosphere.

  • I cannot even say how much I love this. Congratulations!!!

  • Yay! Congratulations! And I <3 Florence and the Machine!!!

  • Claire

    Oh wow! Stunning, gorgeous. My favorite Wordless Wedding ever. I love the way these beautiful photographs capture the raw emotion and tell the story of the day.

    Those pictures of of the “broomsmen” getting ready together were especially poignant. And what a stylish bunch you are.

    • I agree completely. This one hit me like a punch in the gut. Loved every bit.

      • Let me third that emotion. I’ve been going back to this Wordless Wedding repeatedly this afternoon. What a happy (and goregous!) couple you are. I wish the two of you every happiness.

        • Agreed. I’m not sure what it is about this particular mix of exuberance, happy tears and beauty, but this wedding affected me in a way the other wordless weddings haven’t. So, so wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • MAGICAL. A huge, huge congrats to you beautiful women. I got all teared up looking at your pictures.

    AND MEG: I owe you a proper email but DAMN, GIRL, what a magical weekend in Brooklyn. So incredibly proud of you. Lil’ follow-up over at my place today. Check it out. (And Hi, Maddie! So nice meeting you this weekend!)

  • Holy hell, this is tugging at my heartstrings. So beautiful. Thank youuuu.

  • Lturtle

    Mind. Blown.
    The huge grins, happy tears, obvious joy and total groundedness… Amazing. Plus everyone looks stunning. I hope your marriage is as wonderful as it looks like your wedding was!

  • redfrizzz

    This one made me cry, and I never cry. You kids are beau-tiful. Mazal tov.

  • Nicole

    I have a crush on everyone at this wedding. You’re all so HOT.

  • PA

    Beautiful! I think the kiss on the hand is my favorite photo of the bunch, it makes me tear up!

  • Denzi

    Oh, man, I am grinning my face off and crying at the same time. Mazel tov!

  • Kate

    No one ever says this, but I love the pictures of MEN in this wedding. Tenderly helping with the tie, holding a baby, tearing up . . . Very moving, and not an aspect we often see depicted.

    You both look stunning, and congratulations!

  • Kathleen

    I KNOW that people over 50 can be allies, and so these photos shouldn’t surprise me, but it’s still so moving to see such supportive, happy, and loving families at a gay wedding. The picture of the older man putting a bowtie on a woman made me smile like crazy.

  • Julie

    Ok, so this may be cheating, but I was one of the proud, choked-up attendees of this wedding, and you guys, EVERYTHING you’ve said in the comments was true about this wedding. (Technically I was a singer at this wedding–the Eva Cassidy version of “Songbird”–and thankfully not choked up during that part!)

    These women…I just have no words. Kate is my “womb friend” (our moms became friends while we were both in utero; we grew up down the street from each other) so obviously she is one of the dearest people to me in the universe. It was such an honor and a joy to see these two women, who love each other so, so much, declare that love in front of all the people who love THEM. Kate’s godfather, a minister, delivered the most moving homily on family, and love, and acceptance and all of those things that family and marriage are about. Their families are amazing, they are amazing, and I’d better stop before I start to cry again. :)

    Mazel tov again, my ladies. :)

    • Not cheating! Stoked you’re here Julie :) It was *such* an emotion filled day. Kate and Cydney ARE just pure, blissful, amazing love and strength together. I could not be more thrilled about getting to document it all and everyone’s response. :D

  • Oh, lovely. Sigh. This one really got me. The joy and emotion is sincere and palpable. Thank you and congratulations.

  • Valeria

    Wordless is an understatement of how this has left me for the day! I am a bawling mess! My partner and I are getting married in May and we are trying to figure out how we want the ceremony. When I saw these pictures, all I could think of was “I want our ceremony to leave me speachless, even if I know every part to it” It would be the only way to decribe what we have to everyone supporting us that day. I want that palpable feeling you guys obviously had/have. The picture of who looks to be the father of one of the girls really pulled my heart strings, dad has only just announced he will be coming to our wedding after having a really hard time accepting me. I dont know you girls, but your love is felt, miles away :) CONGRATS!

  • Congratulations Kate and Cydney, you both look sooo much in love. I agree with everything that has been said and the photographer was amazing to capture the ‘moments’ of your wedding. All the best.

  • The first wordless wedding that moved me to tears. Love the emotional images and it’s too bad they’re omitted a lot of the time. Thanks so much for including.

  • Tari Boynton

    Cutest wedding ever. I love this. The photography is fabulous. My favorite shot has to be the b&w of the two hipsters coming down the stairs. Awesome.

  • Cydney

    A very belated thank you to our beloved APW community for all of your lovely comments on this post and your miles of advice on planning the day – as well as the whole “being married” bit. As Kate and I come up on our one year anniversary, we could not feel more blessed. Thank you to Meg, Kristy and everyone who helped us down this road. We love you!