Free Downloadable Gift Labels from A Printable Press

Since it’s the holidays, A Printable Press whipped up this awesome downloadable gift label that can double for wedding favors or for personalized holidays gifts. (I know, she’s wicked smart.) There are two styles of labels, one inspired by the classic chef’s label, with a sweet classic font and delicate details, and a second one inspired by woodtype grunginess, which is a bit more rugged and retro.

You can personalize your labels in a number of ways—add a date, a little phrase, the name of your treat, and your initials. The only fields that are uneditable are “Genuine Homemade” and “Indulge & Savor” (though Kimi suggests that you can always write in “well someone made it!” if your treat isn’t exactly…er…from scratch).

Now, in case you missed our last printable tutorial, I just want to remind everyone that the process is seriously easy. Since all the design work is done for you, the only skills required to execute this project are basic office skills—printing, cutting, hole punching, etc. It’s the freezer pie of crafts, if you will.

To start, choose which design you want (click here to download the Classic Cook inspired label or here for the Woodtype one). Then download the customizable PDF by clicking the “free download” button on the page. When the PDF opens (make sure to open in Adobe Acrobat and not your browser), place your cursor inside the greyed out sections and add your personal message. (Hint: if the name of your treat is simple, use page 2; if it’s longer use the two-line version on page 3.)

Then, print that page onto a sheet of paper, cardstock, or self-adhesive paper (depending on your project. If you want to stick the label to a container, use the self-adhesive paper. If you want to punch a hole in it and hang it from a container, use cardstock or other thick paper). Then cut out your labels using either scissors, an X-acto knife or a two inch circle cutter. (Kimi says the circle cutter it he easiest of the three.) Once the labels are cut, if you’re using self-adhesive paper, score the back of the paper lightly with an X-acto knife and fold to remove the backing. (Don’t be like me here. I always try to convince myself I can get it with my nails and I’m always wrong. Always.) Finally, stick your label to your container, smooth out any bubbles, and embellish as desired.


And now you have the world’s easiest personalized gifts! So bake some cookies for the holidays, make salted caramels as wedding favors (and then send them to me, maybe?), make some truffles for a baby shower. Of if you want to try something less expected, you could pickle okra, mix personalized curry powder, or come up with your own five-alarm hot sauce recipe. Heck, you even have my permission to skip the making things part altogether and just use this download to personalize all the stuff in your pantry (am I the only one who likes seeing their name on things?) Whatever you choose, can I just get a “hell yes” to uncomplicated and yet still totally gratifying homemade gifts? Because seriously, I don’t care what Pinterest tells us—cheap, easy, and tasty is exactly how they should be.

Photos by: Kimi of A Printable Press

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  • I love you guys. Many, many thanks to A Printable Press! This is just in time for my bake-a-thon this weekend!

  • Mackenzie

    Wow – THANK YOU!!!! – making labels for jam for Christmas presents was actually on my to-do list for TODAY. These are 100 times better and 100 times easier!

  • Moe

    I know it wasn’t your intended purpose, but I may use these as envelope seals on my brown kraft paper envelopes for my wedding invites.

    Thank you!! I had a lot of fun with that banner too!!

    • Moe, that sounds awesome! What are you going to write in the main bar? I’d love to see pics of it, that’s brilliant.

  • sweet starling

    These are so fantastic, thank you!! I made a batch of vanilla extract to give as holiday gifts, and I spent SO MUCH time fussing over the labels. These are adorable, and I’m definitely going to use them for next year’s batch.

  • Rowany

    A little unrelated, but I was wondering what happened to the DIY banner that tells you that DIY doesn’t necessarily save you money or time? I really loved that and it is one of the reasons I share the website with others (while saying, “see? Weddings don’t have to be crazy!”).

    • meg

      While we obviously still think that, we’ve done so many DIY tutorials by now that we felt like it could go as the unstated APW rule. Plus, it took up a lot of *space* before you got to the actual tutorial. So, we cut it :) It’s still there in spirit though.

  • carrie

    Wow. These are amazing! Thanks APW and A Printable Press!

  • LW

    THanks for this. I am making granola this weekend to give to friends and this just saved me a lot of time AND looks amazing. I will keep Printable Press in mind for future parties. Love it.

  • Hannah

    Hell yes.

  • Annie

    They’re cute, but it’s SAVOUR in Canada, not SAVOR, so I can’t use them!

    • It’s so funny, I like “savour” better as a spelling but felt like I had to go the American route. I feel the same way about “catalogue”

  • I LOVE these! Thank you, Kimi, for sharing your talent. I am brainstorming what I could use these for….cookies? Homemade mix for chai? Hmm…

  • JC

    Where do you get those jars for the caramels? I love them! :)

    • Ikea! They’re spice jars and they’re awesome.

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  • Monica

    Do you have the recipe for those salted caramel candies? They look delicious, would love to make them!!

  • Concetta

    I LOVE these! My sweet fiancee and I have been making jams, jellies and marmalades since last spring in order to have 100 or so 4-oz jars as wedding favors. I was starting to think all that jamming was the easy part until I found these labels! If… say…perhaps a future bride can’t actually cut out round circles and might not even be able to line up a circle cutter without swearing at her efforts, would these print on any known brands of precut 2″ cardstock tags?

  • jane harvell

    I would like to put a different name in the main
    box help!