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Getting Excited About Brunch

So, we now have our wedding venue all booked, and it is just lovely. But, it turns out we are having a Brunch wedding, instead of a evening wedding. I was initially a little apprehensive about this (Would people still have fun? Would they dance? Oh dear), but my fantastic friends have been doing their best to cheer me up. So, I had to post this list of reasons to get excited that my friend Beck sent me. Hats are also off to Kate, who offered to go to brunch with me regularly, as wedding homework.

A Brunch Wedding will be fabulous!
1. Everyone loves mimosas – and it makes your champagne last a bit longer.
2. You can serve more variety in your food, because you have both breakfast and lunch to pull from.
3. You don’t have to worry about extra lighting.
4. You get the ceremony part over with early and have more time to enjoy your party.
5. You have time afterward to maybe go out with friends – nothing like bar hopping in your wedding dress.
6. You actually won’t have so many guests leaving early (they won’t have to go to bed, or put children to bed, etc.)
7. You get to wear your dress longer.
8. You look better in photos earlier in the day because you haven’t had gravity pulling on your face all day.
9. You can use a lot more bright colors and accents.
10. Most of your guests are from the 909. Free booze… you think they WON’T dance?
11. You are a morning person anyway.
12. It gives me an excellent favor idea – that’s free, sort of. Since people will have the rest of the day available, you could make and print a brochure and map of the city and your’s and David’s favorite places.
13. Drinking in the morning is fun!

Brunch photos via Snippet and Ink.

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