The Grooms Experimental Animation Save The Date

Well. It’s turned into husbands and grooms and partners week here at APW, which is good, I think. We don’t talk about the other side of the gender coin anywhere near enough. So it seemed fitting to end it with this tiny Save-The-Date video that Eliina sent in.

When I saw the words “animated Save-The-Date video” in my eye box, I admit, I indulged in a wee sigh (you should see some of the PR emails I get), but then I opened it, and I LOVE YOU GUYS. From Eliina:

My fiance Josh and I realized that we’d probably be a lot happier if we tapped into the talents that we do have, even if they aren’t skills traditionally used at weddings. He has an MFA in experimental animation, though he’s only been doing commercial stuff in his marketing job at a bank in recent years. He downloaded a free trial copy of CS4 on his home laptop, and created a Save the Date animation to send to our families and friends. Although fancy letterpress makes me drool, his work makes me swoon. It’s been fun to see him really take ownership over a creative part of the wedding planning process, and I love the end product.


Me too. And I love that it’s NOT letterpress this time, and that it IS his. And no, pleeeaaaaassssseeeee do not freak out that you can’t do experimental animation. That’s not the point. The point is making something that’s, well, yours.

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  • KD

    This is fabulous.

    …and, well, I can't remember the last time letterpress brought a tear to my eye…

  • I'm sorry, men aren't interested in their weddings or the wedding planning process. Please inform your fiance. Thanks!


  • Awesome! This is a fine illustration of how video is a tedious, time consuming but rewarding art form that powerfully uses image and sound to create something amazing!

  • bex

    My fiance and I used a company called Paperless Post to do our Save the Dates and Invites. He was as involved and invested in the choice as I was if not more. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible and wanted something unique and non traditional. Paperless Post fit both those requirements very well and it's very easy on the pocketbook! Triple score!

    check em out if you want:

  • Jo

    My husband realized he could make some sweet maps for our guests that would be inserts in our invitations, since that's his favorite skill. He did a BANG UP job! And, like for you, it was so fun to see him use his talents in graphic design and mapmaking as part of our wedding creation. Yay!

  • how cool!

  • Eliina

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

  • Eliina

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

  • And 30 seconds = just the right length.

    I couldn't even make it to the end of the four-minute-long movie-trailer-parody save-the-date. So don't ask me what the DATE was.

  • Elissa

    So cute! I love the bit at the end where Eliina comes out of nowhere and tackles josh to the ground. I agree with eastside bride about the length of it too. Just right.