Happy Gay Marriage Day, California!!

Today is a historic day here in California. Today, for the first time, gay weddings will be performed across the state legally. There are few things I believe more strongly in then the universal right of people who love and are committed to each other to have all of the rights and privileges of marriage. This is truly the civil rights issue of our time. I could not be more proud to be a native Californian today.

I’ll see you at City Hall. I’ll be the one cheering and in tears.

Picture via Vassar Alumnae Quarterly

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  • Marianne(Norway)

    Congrats to California too! Here in Norway, the new law concerning equal gender marriage was ruled(?) last Thursday, and there will be a big celebration this weekend. Yay for equal rights!

    (btw: Love, love, love your blog!)

  • c*

    So proud to be a Californian.
    So much love!

  • Desaray

    thanks for the post and the add! When I file blogs under “Allied Brides” in my blogroll, I never actually know if they are *actually allied* –just that i like their blog. I have these visions of getting emails that say — “Take me off of your cootie gay blogroll, cootie bride.” So again, thanks :)

  • Ahh I was just having fun poking through your archives and am SO EXCITED to see stuff from my alma mater. <3 Vassar.

    Thanks for your awesome website.