APW Happy Hour

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter. There, I think it's out of my system

Hey APW,

After spending months ignoring the fact that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was coming out, I ended up ordering a copy last minute, going to two Harry Potter parties in a day, and reading the script in two hours before coming away from it all with an empty feeling inside. Am I happy to have more Harry Potter in the world? Eh, sure. Would I have preferred it if Queen JK Rowling had graced us with another book?



Besides that, my kid is back in school! But we’re (secular) homeschoolers, so that just means… we’re doing what we usually do, but with more structure.

What’s up with you guys this week?



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link roundup

POTUS turned fifty-five this week and FLOTUS was the sweetest about it.

Speaking of politics, Hillz is still slaying on Twitter.

Also, Joe Biden made Obama a friendship bracelet! BFF LYLAS.

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These nine Muslim women are shattering stereotypes.

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