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I took my kid to a family meditation a few days ago and spent an hour surrounded by people who were all about reaching inward instead of outward, who promoted calm introspection, as opposed to untempered emotional wilding out. It was my first time attending something like that, and both of us walked away from the experience feeling good and feeling focused. I’m hoping to carry those lessons learned into my life on the regular, and to also find a way to temper emotional stability and civic engagement.

In the interest of not rambling, I’ll bow out now and leave it to you—but I’d love to know how you guys are finding balance in the chaos.




“The war will end one day, and I will return to my poem.”

The FBI is still totally investigating Trump and Russia.

Who wants free college? I want free college.

Having just one black teacher can keep black kids in school.

Poor Wells Fargo bankers have to give back (some) fraud $$$.

1.5 million slavery-era documents will be digitized.

Gender-creative South African artists reimagine femininity.

China’s Lost and Found Daughters

Jared and Ivanka are not good people. They are enablers.

Chrissy Teigen continues to be my #1 fave on Twitter.

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