APW Presents: Lazy Girl DIY, The Outtakes

Well. After all those lazy girl tutorials (recap below, because well, it’s been a long spring) we thought you might want to find out what the APW team and the puppy were up to behind the scenes. Basically, because I was paranoid of accidentally creating one of those styled shoots, or as I call them “pretend weddings with models” that make me crazy, it became the running joke. So we improvised. By which I mean that we kept saying, “Line up the tomatoes from lunch! STYLE THEM.” or “Sit down at the table and pretend you’re talking to the other guests! Brilliant!” or “Puppy, take a nap.” (Just kidding, he does not need instructions to take a nap.) So here, my friends, is a few days in the life of the APW team. Outtakes style. Don’t get too envious though. This is NOTHING like our normal life. Other than the puppy. This is pretty much exactly like his normal life.

The Things We Made While Goofing Around:

A Trader Joe’s Wedding Bouquet
A Wild Flower Wedding Bouquet
A Simple Tulle Bridal Veil
A Sparkly Fascinator
Super Easy Place Cards
Watercolor Place Cards
A Kraft Paper Table Runner
An Ombre Table Runner
A Recycled Water Color Jar Centerpiece
A Lush Floral Centerpiece
A Stylish and Basically Free Tablescape
An Awesome But Affordable And Only Sort of Crafty Tablescape

And yes, we’re totally bringing you more tutorials starting next week. Some of them are crazy exciting on-site projects (APW goes to Brooklyn), and some of them are the madness we shot yesterday at a pony farm. (Pony farm! Maddie lives on a pony farm!) But till then, all of us and the puppy are taking our bows. (Bows, bows, bows, bows, PUPPY.)

A huge thanks to the team: Photos by Emily Takes Photos, Crafting by Elizabeth of Lowe House Events and APW Editor Kate, Graphic Design by Michelle Edgemont


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