In Which I Cave And Publically Twitter

I was an extremely early adopter of Twitter, and I’ve been tweeting away on a locked feed for the last two and a half years. So I’ve watched with great amusement as Twitter has become the social media of the moment over the last few months. (Oprah! Twittering! Madness!) Because I’ve always used Twitter in a personal way, I’ve been very reticent to set up A Practical Wedding Twitter feed. But for some reason, this weekend, I caved. So, you can follow me on Twitter over here, as long as you understand what you are getting into:

  1. I will be sassy. If you get really offended when I talk about losing the plot or Marie Antoinette wedding insanity, this is not the feed for you.
  2. I will not link to this blog all the time. I’m fairly certain that you know how to get to this blog on your own steam. I take self promotion via Twitter with a healthy grain of salt, and a eyebrow cocked, because (like blogging) if it’s not entertaining, why bother?

So enjoy. We’ll see how it goes. I make no promises.

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  • I caved and am publically twittering too! Just set up my feed yesterday here

  • mel

    I’ve been with Twitter since the beginning, and it was always a personal thing—to communicate with friends and all. Then I let it expand because I’m a member of the homebrewing community, and I’m okay with having breweries I love follow me. Same goes for wedding blogs. However, Twitter has become the next “big thing” where I work and there’s talks of “Twitter Strategy” and I’m just not down with that.

  • Unfortunately I only recently joined twitter and was NOT an early adopter. Some people in the wedding industry started following me and now I have no idea how to use it. Professional has mixed with personal so it doesn’t seem like a good idea to send out my normally sarcastic/shocking/inappropriate status updates that are usually posted on Facebook.

    I have also found that pretty much everyone following me is trying to sell me something or market something, and that is somewhat depressing as well.

    So all in all, I’m not sure what to make of twitter! But i’m giving it a fair trial, so expect a new follower today :p

  • wee! Just added you (and Sweet T) to my personal account. <3

  • Autumn, I set up separate accounts for my professional (translation) and my personal stuff, as I didn’t want any of my translator friends/contacts to get bored with my chatter about the wedding and what I’d baked that weekend! And you can block the people who want to sell you things (and/or spam you with links to their porn sites).

  • Thanks Kahlia.

    Usually I’m not so ignorant on these things, but twitter was something I have been brain dead about for some reason. It took me weeks before I finally found the number to use so I could twitter from my cell phone,lol :p

    I am definitely going to set up a personal account. I’ve only got a few “real” friends that use it, so it probably won’t be hard to move them over. Thanks!

  • Meg

    Yeah Autumn,
    You’re going to want to nix people who want to sell you stuff. Following spammers is no good at ‘tall. You can keep an account that’s locked and only have friends. That won’t stop you from following random public non-spamming feeds, but it will stop spammers from adding you. It’s a pretty awesomthing thing if you use it carefully.


  • so excited! i love having great, opinionated people to follow! -@mrssmith909

  • Hooray for not linking to your own blog all the time!

  • ha! publicly twittering. next thing, you’ll be on facebook. ;)

  • Meg

    Gah! Christina. David totally set that up ages ago, but I cannot come to terms with it because it is SO. LAME. Seriously. What? Eff.

  • I’ve gotta say, in the two days I’ve been publicly twittering, it’s been a whole new world. I too was an early adopter (since 2007) and have had a locked feed the whole time, with just friends (and facebook status updates) knowing about it. It’s fun, but weird to be on the public side of things!