Roundup: Indie Engagement Rings from East Side Bride

East Side Bride solves your "Engagement rings are not cool" problem

When we decided to focus this week on engagements and proposals, we really wanted to include an indie engagement ring roundup for you guys. (Because shopping for yourself is way more fun when someone else does the dirty work first, amiright? Plus, it’s been entirely too long since we did our last ring roundup.) So we turned to APW’s first-ever wedding graduate and one of the hippest ladies there is, blogger or otherwise, East Side Bride, to help us out. A while back, ESB put together a rad wedding headgear roundup for APW that y’all loved, and spoiler alert: this one doesn’t disappoint either. Plus, as an added bonus there may even be a bauble or two in there that would appeal to those of us who are already married (cough, I’m looking at you tiny heart ring, cough). So…double win. And now I’ll kick it to ESB so she can do her magic.

—Maddie For Maternity Leave

I don’t know how many of you read East Side Bride, but I post a lot of rings over there. (A LOT.)

I’ve tried to include a bunch of new ones in this roundup, along with, of course, some of my all-time favorites….

CHUNKY (clockwise from top left): Chunk Band Ring by Imogen Belfield at Kabiri (yellow gold plated, £220), Bea Ring by Anna Sheffield (14kt yellow gold, 8x6mm black emerald-cut diamond, $4900), Caviar Ring by Julie Cohn ($95), Cassi Trilogy Ring from Macha (10kt gold and sterling silver, $750)

TINY (clockwise from top left): Claire Kinder’s Pip Ring at Catbird (14k gold with 2mm turquoise cabochon, $200), Scosha’s Tiny Heart Ring (10kt yellow gold + 1mm diamond, $150), Knottedrush Ring from Bario-Neal (available in silver, gold and platinum, $80–$540)

EXTRA SPARKLY (clockwise from top left): Antique 18k & Five Diamond Band Ring from Metier ($2100), Mociun’s Turquoise Triange Ring with Wedding Band (14K gold, turquoise, antique and repurposed diamonds, $3700), Organic Oval With Diamond Pave by Kathryn Bentley ($3200), Satomi Kawakita’s Diamond Bar Ring (18k yellow gold, $650)


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  • Laura

    I got my wedding band based on an ESB rec and couldn’t be happier with it.

  • These are all fabulous! I just put a couple of these on my Amazon wishlist, so maybe I’ll get one next year on our anniversary. :)

  • Copper

    These are awesome. An old APW e-ring post introduced me to my top choice (which may or may not be sitting in a padded envelope from Conroy Wilcox atop my guy’s bookcase, waiting to make its way towards my finger), and I just wanted to say that I’m so glad that somebody with style actually helps non-jewelry people like myself find things that aren’t giant diamond solitaires.

    • meg

      That Conroy + Wilcox ring from my first ever ring round up is still my favorite. I really need a good excuse to get it…

      • Copper

        That’s exactly the one. :) I was so excited to see that mailer from them, and now I know it’s going to be staring at me nonstop, because I know what a beautiful (and also big and important and meaning-heavy) thing is inside.

      • Paranoid Libra

        A congrats on the baby getting out ring? Or 9 rough months that you deserve a little bling ring?

        • meg

          There will be no expensive ring purchases around here at the moment. But! The day will come. I’m sure of it :)

  • Viv

    This list would have been super helpful when we were looking for unique engagement rings! I knew that I didn’t want anything traditional. And I am very happy with what I ended up with. I made a pretty nice Pinterest board from my searches that might be helpful:

  • Paranoid Libra

    I am glad to see some non-diamonds rings in here as the owner of a beautiful sea green tourmaline. I wanted unique and what better way than to avoid a diamond? I do wish people would realize that a diamond isn’t necessary in an engagement ring, but there is nothing wrong with wanting one….or a number of them on the ring. An engagement ring can have anything on it or nothing on it, it’s all on how the person who wears it feels about and how the person who might be gifting it feels about it.

    I really do adore the turquoise triangle wedding band.

    • Julia

      Yeah tourmalines! My engagement ring is a beautiful one from Anne Sportun, her work is just so cool & it’s like wearing a piece of art. We picked it together, and when he went to get it the jeweler asked him multiple times if he was *sure* I didn’t want a diamond.

      • Paranoid Libra

        If it wasn’t for APW and me just ‘accidentally’ leaving open some of the posts on things like the diamond olympics it might have been more of a struggle for my tourmaline. Some people didn’t recognize it as e-ring, but it was nice to not then get unsolicited advice from strangers. I fear for pregnancy for that reason as that can be more difficult to errr hide from strangers.

  • mimi

    Thanks for this post! It helped me re-discover Satomi Kawakita. I found her site over the summer and thought I had pinned it or emailed it to myself, but couldn’t find the name or link anywhere. Perfect timing!!!

  • That organic oval is blindingly gorgeous.

  • I love the one that looks like it has nuggets of gold on it (ring 3). It reminds me of my first ever piece of jewellery, a ring I was given at 3 years old and I wore until it would no longer fit even my baby finger. Somehow I don’t think I can have it resized …. but maybe I can buy a near replica!

  • Kelsey

    Check out Rebecca Overmann too! She’s got some gorgeous, unique stuff and she uses ethically sourced diamonds and reclaimed metals. Also, my partner and I met her at a trunk show and she was so genuinely excited for us- total bonus (or totally deserved, and expected reaction) for the gay ladies and gentlemen doing a little ring shopping!

  • April

    Ooh, the black diamond: BOOM. Love it!

  • Fabulous!!!! Excellent Collection of rings…

  • All designs are awesome and unique. But Antique 18k & Five Diamond Band Ring from Metier is fabulous! This ring is simple and good looking.