Introducing APW’s Business Interns

Two weeks ago, Maddie got to introduce the APW writing interns for 2013. Today I’m super excited to get to introduce the 2013 business interns. Reading APW intern applications is both the best and the worst thing I do all year. It’s the worst thing, because I get overwhelmingly sad that APW isn’t some huge organization where we can hire all of you. And it’s the best thing, because it kind of restores my faith in humanity. You guys are the smartest, funniest, most driven group of women I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging out with. And did I mention hilarious in a smart and political way? Reader who listed “Stay At Home Mother” on her resume, with a list of skills including “taught tiny human the English language,” I salute you. You are a bad ass.

But. Because life is not a bowl of cherries, I had to narrow it down to just two writing interns (whose awesomeness is beginning to show) and two business interns. Applying to the APW business internship program was a particularly difficult task, because the job description was so open ended. We didn’t have any specific needs, so we just asked you to tell us why you wanted to come be part of the team, and why we should bring you on. And boy, did you guys deliver. I guess in this case, life is actually a box of chocolates, because you never know what you’re going to get. But what we got was:

Lucy Bennett! Lucy’s application last year is what gave me the idea for the business internship program this year. (Surprise, Lucy! She doesn’t know that.) I kept looking at it thinking, “I want to hire her, but I don’t have a slot for her.” Turns out she applied again this year (phew) and her application was a standout. You know Lucy from all over the comment section (her web persona is You Love Lucy), and her recent wedding grad post. Lucy’s going to be bringing some serious graphic design skills to APW (you can see some of her killer portfolio here). Lucy’s resume says that she’s looking for “a work environment where I can make nice things for people, where I can wear as many (literal or metaphorical) hats as I like, and where work and silliness can coexist peacefully.” Lucy, we raise our top hats to you! Exactly.

Joanna Kirtley! Joanna studied Project Design at Stanford (which is basically king queen of strange and fascinating majors), which means she’s trained how to “understand people deeply and uncover their unmet needs,” and then meet them. So watch out for your secret APW yearnings to be met. She’s also a project manager and is going to be organizing us up. Oh, and also-also? She does graphic design, and has a penchant for infographics. I know, right? I know.

So without further ado, the ladies themselves. Please give them a big cheer, and feel free to throw out ideas about your unmet needs… if you know what they are. If not, watch for Joanna figuring them out…


Lucy Bennett

Lucy is an Atlanta native who sometimes has a Southern accent, but can never remember where she left it last. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and is currently completing a self-appointed Masters degree in Hey That Looks Like Fun Let Me Try. While all her job titles say she is a designer, she spends a considerable amount of time dabbling in fiction writing and working on various unfinished novels. When not making lists or coming up with weird self-challenges, Lucy can typically be found marathoning TV shows, singing to her two cats, or playing board games with friends. She takes herself very seriously.

Joanna Kirtley

Joanna grew up in Boston, but traded in her Bean Boots for Rainbows when she went out West for college. She studied Product Design at Stanford, which required her to spend most of her waking hours scheming, sketching, and tinkering—not a lot has changed, actually. Today, Joanna resides amongst the politicos in Washington, DC and works at a design innovation firm helping companies come up with new products, services, and experiences that improve people’s lives. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, crafting, spending time on the water, and hiking local trails with her husband Tyler and golden retriever Hinckley.

And you can check out the whole (updated!) APW team, right here.


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  • JEM

    Absolutely LOVE that the APW staff is growing and is doing so with really cool, talented, and hilarious ladies. High-five for a DC intern!

    • We are planning a slow invasion of the east coast that becomes the foundation for APW East.

      And by we I mean I am planning it. Surprise!

      • meg

        You’ve got: You, Liz, and Emily T., so I’d say we better watch out.

        • Can I be in APW Even More East?

      • JEM

        There are lots of us here! Whoo!

  • Kate

    Infographics!!!! Feeling an unreasonable amount of excitement over this…

  • kyley

    Yay! I can’t wait to see what you bring us!

  • Welcome, ladies — and yay for D.C.! :)

  • Yay! Also, super excited to get to know the woman behind the moustache.

  • Woo! Welcome to the team, ladies!!

  • LIZ (SINCE 1982)

    OH MY GOODNESS why am I so excited for this. I guess I am a bigger dork than I thought? Or perhaps a better question would be, why would I not be excited for graphic design and project management? Congrats to you both and can’t wait to see you making your marks!

  • Ris

    Hi Joanne! As soon as I read your educational background I thought – aha! This is the kind of professional development I’ve been looking for but hadn’t been able to articulate.

    Do you mind me asking your opinion on the Stanford program? I’ve spent a bit of time now reading about the Advanced Project Management Certificate – would you personally recommend it? Did you have a good experience, or have particular classes/teachers you would recommend?

    If you don’t feel comfortable publicly responding on this site, you could email me at davis dot mbd at gmail dot com, or you could just click on my name above – it should go to my LinkedIn profile.

    Thanks so much, and congrats on the internship! It sounds like a great opportunity.

    • KC

      I was totally ogling Lucy’s current educational choice. :-)

      I’m not Joanne, but in case it’s relevant in your search-for-what-you-want-to-do: farther north, also fascinating, and possibly harder to find is the relatively new Human Centered Design and Engineering program at UW, which has very interesting people in it thinking in *really* interesting directions, but is fairly techy? Might or might not be worth a look.

    • Joanna

      Hey! I’ll connect with you offline :)

      • Ris

        @KC: What a cool program! I just spent way too much time clicking around HCDE program site. Thanks for the heads up!

        @Joanna: Check your inbox :)

  • N

    I love it! A project manager on board! I now have renewed faith that my people (also a PM myself) can work in much more fun organizations like APW. :-)