It’s Not Just One Day

An excellent wedding rule:

Do have fun. It might be more work when you DIY or have to really search and barter, but the fact is it’s not just one day! It can be a whole little journey where you connect with your family and friends and rediscover just how exciting it can be to say “I Love You!”

Do you know that in Judaism, your wedding starts the moment that you get engaged, and only ends a year after your wedding? I love this, because for me the process has been so enlightening, and the journey is perhaps as important as the destination.

via: this post, written by this lady

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  • ooOOooh I didn’t know that! You mean that my wedding is still happening? That’s the best news! Leave it to you, Meg :)

  • Thanks for the link love!

  • This is a great point…and will perhaps take the stress off of some brides. We truly enjoyed the process…from designing the invites to showing around relatives after the the wedding to getting home from the Honeymoon and unwrapping the boxes that had arrived of new, fun stuff. Now we are a bit more than past the wedding date and we are enjoying sending out photos to people of themselves doing goofy stuff at the wedding and going on dates with all the little gift cards we recieved to the movies or giving dinner parties as the new Mr. and Ms! A wedding is a process or journey… and hopefully you will come out on the “other side” of the experience knowing your spose and family better! And apprciating them more :)

  • That’s so true. I even have a photo album on our wedding website entitled the journey because the little things we are doing for THE DAY to prepare are a very special part of our wedding.

  • That’s excellent – and absolutely lovely!

  • I agree about the journey being as important as the destination. The process of getting married does indeed start when you get engaged, and everything you learn in that time is getting poured into your marriage.

  • I had no idea! Thats awesome, my wedding is going to last a very long time :)

  • i love that–a year before and after. thank you for sharing xo