Lessons from the wedding industry

This from Nicole, who’s planning a wedding that makes me want to hug her (and who’s antique engagement ring is very similar to mine, even!):

-our number one priority should be an amazing and unique reception venue, that no one has been to before, that leaves our guests breathless. if this kind of venue isn’t in our budget, we should cut guests from our list.

-our number one priority should be an incredible photographer, who shoots magazine-worthy photos, and will photograph our wedding in a fully artsy and MoMA-worthy style. if our budget doesn’t support such a photographer, cut guests from the list so that it does.

Girlfriend, I hear you. I’d rather have all our friends and loved ones delicately nibbling peanuts out of the palms of their hands, then have five people with us eating steak at the plaza. But that kind of thinking isn’t going to land me in a wedding magazine, now is it?

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  • aw, thanks for the shout-out! it sounds like we are kindred wedding spirits! it will be nice to follow along your practical wedding planning as i attempt to plan my own practical wedding!


  • Jenna

    I added you to my blogroll tonight, let me know if that’s not okay!

  • Too cute! I’ve heard similar things from many brides before…

  • tag! see my blog for the ‘rules’

  • a-and i read this entry totally backwards, and actually agree with all of you. this is what i get for commenting before coffee.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    This is hilarious! So true.

  • SamB

    I don’t agree with 1, but I do agree with 2… Not that I’m going to cut guests, but I don’t care about flowers so I’m cutting them out to afford my photographer. I’ve spent my whole life, even as an actress, being passed over in photographs. I won an award at work and was invited to a high class banquet, to which I took my best friend… When the pictures (taken by another friend) were released, my date was in 16 of them, my shoulder, from behind, was in 1. Having disposable cameras in the hands of my dearest isn’t a guarantee that they will seek me out in the viewfinder when they never have before.

    I think having priorities that are unique to you are important, but I also agree that excluding people you love is a bad way to go about getting those priorities met.