Who You Hire If You Want a Personalized Destination Wedding in Hawaii

All the ease of a destination wedding with none of the compromise

by Keriann Kohler, Advertising Manager

bride and groom in front of wallI always wanted a destination wedding. In fact, we came this close to having a destination wedding. We were going to go somewhere warm with only our closest people, and it was going to celebrate our love of travel and nature, all while being stress-free and totally removed from the wedding traditions and expectations of my hometown. And then, as it turned out, one compromise I couldn’t make was giving up our aesthetic and creativity to pick generic “Flower Package A” and “Cake Package B” from a resort. Easy, yes. But us? No. So we went in the complete opposite direction and opted for a totally DIY/DIT wedding that left me begging for someone, anyone, to narrow down the options and help do the heavy lifting.

So, as someone who has experienced both sides, trust me when I say that Hawaii-based Love Letter Weddings is the answer to getting all the ease of a destination wedding and all the personality of a DIY wedding. With rates ranging from $3,500 to $7,500, Love Letter Weddings will make planning a totally customized destination wedding from across an ocean a breeze.

ChelseaAbrilPhotography_SB0809wedding party walking togetherbride and mother sitting togetherLove Letter Weddings founder Louise Moriarty is no stranger to APW. She’s been a reader for years (after stumbling upon us while browsing for “pretty picture” wedding blogs). APW proved to be a great resource for both her and her clients, and she’s been on board ever since:

APW truly inspired many of the principles that my business embodies! I strive to get to know my clients, help them discover what their wedding means to them, and transform all their ideas into a design that is a full reflection of their personality as a couple. Not only that, but I am super down-to-earth and have a knack for solving problems and helping keep things in perspective.


When Louise talks about getting to know her couples, and transforming their ideas into reality, she’s not messing around. Here’s how Love Letter Weddings delivers on a stress-free wedding that’s completely unique to you.

  • Louise takes on a limited number of clients each year, so everyone gets the highest level of customer service possible. Louise spends hours getting to know you and bouncing ideas back and forth, and creating an event that’s reflective of your style and personality—not a color swatch.
  • Since Love Letter Weddings primarily plans and produces destination weddings in Hawaii, Louise’s communication with clients, even when time zones apart, is incredibly responsive and thorough.
  • Love Letter Weddings has a strong group of local vendors with the same guiding philosophy, and she believes in finding you vendors that are a fit for your personality as well as your style.
  • A self-proclaimed wedding design + planning MacGyver, Louise makes a lot of personalized décor by hand. #spraypaintforlife
  • Love Letter Weddings is one hundred percent open to any idea you have: from champagne pong to a “munchies” bar with Cheetos to a temporary tattoo parlor—Louse wants to make your wedding yours!

Love Letter Weddings’ rates begin at $3,500 and go up based on guest count, number of locations, and complexity of design—find out more here.

dinosaur decor on wedding tablewedding party standing togetherOne of the challenges of destination wedding planning is the actual physical distance. After all, even if you love your wedding vendors to pieces, it can sometimes feel like things get lost in translation when you can’t sit down over coffee and hash out details. The good news is, according to her couples, Louise’s near-psychic communication skills produce miraculous results:

In the words of my now-husband, “Some people believe in God, we believe in Louise Moriarty.” TRUTH! As some people do with a higher power, we put our faith, trust, passion, and belief in Love Letter Weddings… and were rewarded with Heaven! We began working with Louise over a year ago for our destination wedding in Hawaii. We of course had no idea what we were doing, and the clouds parted and gave us Louise! She made the whole process super easy… I trusted her to tell me what to do and when to do it, when she said jump, I jumped! I am an anxious person who gets easily overwhelmed, my husband is almost too laid-back, and my parents are pretty difficult to deal with… and Louise coordinated all of us as perfectly as a Backstreet Boys video all from two thousand miles away.

Like I said, I had no idea what I was doing, and Louise took all my random half-baked ideas over the past year or so and made them into a wedding I never could’ve dreamed of on my own! We got married last Friday right before the hurricane, and seriously, if anything went wrong or even slightly awry, no one even knew about it. The whole day was seamless! For example, one of my friends even asked about Louise, saying that at one point she (my friend) was over by the photo booth, picked up a camera, looked at it quizzically, and opened her mouth to remark on how the film had run out when BAM! There’s Louise, already brandishing a new roll, not one word uttered. She marveled at Louise’s mind-reading skills! (Seriously, this woman is trippy.)

Louise is organized, passionate, surprising (in a good way!), and makes you feel prioritized as though you are her only client; she is creative, excited, and best of all, genuinely cares about us and our families, including everything from the skeletons in our closet to our future hopes and dreams.

Without Louise, our 100+ guest destination wedding never would have happened so perfectly, with so many amazing details, or probably even at all. After working with her for so long, showing up at our wedding with everything put together so awesomely was like walking into a huge surprise party just for us, with all our best friends and family from all over the world.

wedding aisle with flowerswedding party standing togetherbride wearing flower crownThere are a lot more options for getting married in Hawaii than just the beach, so I recommend heading over to the Love Letter Weddings site to start daydreaming about getting married at the aquarium, in Honolulu’s Chinatown, or the lush, green Waimea Valley. You can also peruse more galleries, read more about the Love Letter Weddings mission, and get in touch to start planning your own destination wedding in Hawaii.

Click here to contact Love Letter Weddings and start planning a seamless DESTINATION wedding that is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT you.

Keriann Kohler

After spending her formative years in a monastic pursuit to become a professional ballet dancer, Keriann has since embarked on a mission to make up for lost time by doing All The Things. A reader since way back, the APW community has taught her wanderlusting, commitment-phobic self that while exploration is good for life experience, marriage isn’t so bad for a relationship, and she’s been happily married since 2011.

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