Marraige Is Not An Equal Right (just yet) BUT IT IS IN CALIFORNIA!

The California Supreme Court had overturned the ban on gay marriages. You should know, that when the news hit, I was at my computer, hitting refresh on my New York Times browser. (I might like talking about weddings, but in real life, I’m a political junkie). I was so overjoyed that I teared up, and David is still reading all 108 pages of the decision. We each celebrate in our own ways.

Hopefully it will still be legal next August. It’s important to remember we have a long road ahead of us.

**Update: we just got back from The Castro, since we thought today would be a nice day, symbolically, to pick up my wedding ring, which was getting resized. A store had a sign up with a rainbow flag that said ‘Proud to be a Californian’ and I teared up all over again.**

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  • This is a great step in the right direction! And a nice reminder to all of us who are allowed to marry the perosn we want, legally.

  • oh my goodness, I didn’t know! thank you for sharing this, I am totally crying!

    I’m not totally sure what this means (are we back where we were when gavin newsom made it legal, or is this a bigger step?

    I can’t wait to start my free-sames-sex-wedding-photography contest!!

  • (see how excited, my punctuation is all gone and I wrote “sames”!)

  • Meg

    It’s a much bigger deal. The court has ruled that marriage is a constitutional right for all Californians, regardless of sexual orientation. Some, *achem* groups are going try to put a measure on the ballot in November that would AMEND THE STATE CONSTITUTION to say gay people can’t marry. But, we’ll have to wait and see on that. And, it’s unclear if that would invalidate all of the marriages that will start happening as of NOW! Holy sh*t y’all. NOW!

  • I hear ya — I completely teared up and I wish that I was back in SF to celebrate with everyone!
    If the proprosition passes in November (which I find unlikely — don’t you?), I can’t imagine how it could retroactively invalidate weddings that occured when the constitution allowed it. If I wanted to marry my partner and I were gay, I’d do it before November (another if: *if* I lived in Cali).

  • AJ

    It’s completely wonderful. I am so, so excited for this new age.

    I really hope it sticks. It’s a huge step in the right direction.

  • My

    Yay!!!! This is super great news for us here especially with me planning a wedding for next year.

  • Amandover

    Amazing to be reading this again today.
    Sometimes, I think people might actually understand that love is what makes a wedding.