May Weddings and Anniversaries

As you guys know, Columns Editor Alyssa has a monthly community feature on weddings and anniversaries, so we can all get to know each other a little better, and cheer on those about to be wed. As we’re heading into wedding season, this feature is getting longer and longer, but more and more awesome. This month, as ever, I’m excited to see all the readers and regular commenters who are about to get hitched. But my heart just swells with gratification and happiness seeing all the happily married couples celebrating their anniversaries. Because that’s what all of this is about kids—marriage. Now let’s cheer them on. (And remember, this is an ongoing project, so if you’d like to be included, see the bottom of the post for details.)

Upcoming weddings this month:

Kahiwa and Grant (Team Grahiwa), May 5th, 2011; Blog: Team Grahiwa getting Hitched , Twitter: @kiwafruit

Katie T. and Rob M. May 7th, 2011

Anna (LV Anna) and Steve, May 14th, 2011

Danielle and Chris, May 14th, 2011

Emily and John, May 14th, 2011

Laura Holway and Ben McGinley, May 14th, 2011

Vanessa and Phil, May 14th, 2011; Blog: Into Something Rich and Strange

Cass and Andrew, May 21th, 2011; Blog: Boobs and Beer, Twitter: @cheshire_cassie

Emma and Kyle, May 21st, 2011; Twitter: @emmao257

Kim & John, May 21th, 2011; Blog: Domestocrat

Natalie and Eric, May 21st, 2011; Blog: Natalie – Post-Graduate Pie, Eric – The Other 87

Rachel C. and Troy C.,  May 21st, 2011; Blog: Chaos and Courtship

Sarah and Andrew, May 21st, 2011; Twitter: Sarah @purplecupcakes, Andrew @Flamingshoe

Tanya & Brian, May 21st, 2011; The Art Nouveau Bride

Neil and Caroline, May 22nd, 2011; Twitter: @CarolineEr

Kristin and Denver, May 26th, 2011; Twitter: Kristin @RockstarBakes; Denver @denverleonard

Amy and Dave, May 28th, 2011

cartascartas & peanut butter, May 28th, 2011

Shiloh and Christian, May 29th, 2011

And Anniversaries:

Dan and Bethany May 1st, 2010 Walnut Wedding

Marissa & Nick Welch (who are expecting a tiny practical person in December!!!!), May 1st, 2010; Blog: Paper Turtles, Twitter: @marissawelch

Meg & Dan, aka Anchor’s Aweigh & The Husband, May 1st, 2010; Blog: Anchor’s Aweigh!

Jami and Carrie, May 5th, 2010; Blog: Somewhat Bookish, Photo by Eva Russo

Lauren & Aidan, May 16, 2009; Blog: Lauren McGlynn Photography, Twitter: @laurenmcglynn

{More happy smiling faces after the jump. Including Alyssa’s super young PARENTS!}

Amanda and Graham, May 15th, 2010, Photo by Dan & Anne

Amy and Jon, May 22nd, 2010; Blog: Making it Mya Photo by Kate McElwee

Ben and Sarah, May 22nd, 2010; Blog: So Very Lovely

Shannon and Kristian, May 22nd, 2010; Blog: From Match to Marriage

Christy and James, May 23rd, 2009; Blog: Christy Tyler Photography

Ellen and Kelly, May 23rd, 2009 (Building Our Nest)

Carol and David (Alyssa’s parents!), May 28th, 1980

Maureen and Buster, May 28th, 2010

Heidi and Aaron W., May 29th, 2010

John and Lindsey, May 29th, 2010; Twitter: @lindz221 Photo by Paul Carlson Photography

Karl and Amanda T., May 29th, 2010

Weston and Emily, May 29th, 2010

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  • Andee

    All this joy makes me hopeful and excited! I especially love all the Anniversaries. Thank You APW for being a bright sparkly spot in my day!

  • Kristen

    Aw, now I wish I sent our picture in. May 29th anniversaries unite!

  • So many May weddings and anniversaries! Congratulations everyone!!

  • Chantelle

    big smile on my face. Congrats everyone!

  • Suzanne

    Our wedding is this Sunday. And I just want to thank everyone who contributes to this site. I was so done with the planning on Sunday night, I just wanted to run away but it is amazing how things change in just a few short days. I am however still questioning my sanity for actually having a wedding and one over double the size that I was comfortable with. Much love to you all… I can see the other side… Suzanne

    • That’s amazing! Hope these next few days are a bit of breathing space for you!

    • ElfPuddle

      Thank YOU for letting us share with you, Suzanne! Congrats!

    • Have a fantastic weekend. :)

  • Our first wedding was on May 28, 2010. We then had a super Catholic-travaganza wedding (for my side of the world, the Philippines) in Jan of 2011 and our last (phew) wedding (for my husband’s side here in the US) will be on Sept. 10, 2011. We are celebrating May 28 as our official anniversary.

  • Yay! Happy weddings, and wonderful anniversaries!

  • ohmygoodness Alyssa..! adorable parents.

    happy anniversary to you all, and best wishes for the upcoming weddings! <3

  • So nice to see so many happy couples and happy couples-to-be!

  • Denzi

    Eee, yay! Best wishes (and good luck) to everyone getting married this month, and congrats to all of you people celebrating anniversaries!

    (Alyssa, I love this feature. It makes me so happy. Just look at our gorgeous community.)

  • Lindsey

    yay! so fun to see our picture on here along with other May brides! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year!

  • Yay to all of my fellow May 21st weddings! Congrats and enjoy everyone!!!!

  • Rhiannon

    YAY May 22nd! I now wish I had sent in a photo… Best wishes to everyone getting married in May and celebrating anniversaries this month !

  • carrie

    Yay for weddings and anniversaries! These pictures remind me why it’s all worth it! Congrats to the upcoming wedding kids and happy anniversary to all you marrieds!

  • Hooray for May wedding and anniversaries! I’m lucky to be able to attend one of those May weddings listed above (Kim and John’s). I plan on dancing my face off and being happy for our awesome friends, yay!

  • oh my Goodness Alyssa your parents are too adorable! Thanks for doing this, it’s so nice.

    Happy Anniversary everyone else in May!

  • Hooray! My fiancé, Jared, and I are getting married on May 21st! We are so excited for the wedding to be here (and for wedding planning to be over)!

  • Much happiness and congratulations to all of you!

  • elyse

    ack! how is this weekend already may? i need to stop being such a procrastinator. . . our first anniversary is may 27th. i’ll be sure to send in a pic for next year! (ha – maybe i should do that now!)

    congrats to all with weddings this month. . . and i love seeing a may 26th date listed above! Yay for thursday-before-memorial-day-weekend weddings :-)

  • Wishing the engaged couples & anniversary couples much joy & happiness~

  • Cass

    Yes, May 21th is a popular date.
    When I had to go through group pre-marriage classes at the church, about 5 other couples had the same date. It was only a group of about 20 couples.

  • Ah.
    Now that’s good stuff.

  • Erica

    Congrats, all! And Alyssa? I would maybe like to marry your parents. They are the CUTEST!

  • Hooray! Congrats to all the anniversary-celebrating couples, and joy and love to the upcoming weddings!

  • Happy anniversary to all the married couples! And best wishes for upcoming brides/grooms-to-be!

  • Amandover

    Ack, I can’t believe I forgot to send ours in!
    Charlie & Sarah: May 14, 2011
    I’ll be thinking of you all!
    Thank you so much for this site.

  • Surely I would love to share my upcoming wedding and our first anniversary here! Wedding is such a memorable part of a couple’s life and we surely want to celebrate it with everyone we love, even with other people who knows the real importance of weddings and anniversaries! Glad I stumbled upon this site, will surely come back! Thanks!