My New Header!

I’m super excited about my new header! It was drawn by my friend Gina* who has been drawing cartoons with me in them for more then a decade now. Who would have thought that one day she’d be drawing me in a wedding dress for my wedding website? (Answer: probably Gina. She’s oddly clairvoyant like that). As I’m sure you can imagine, I love both drawings very much, but I love this picture of me, frazzled by the wedding industry, the very best. If you look closely, bobby pins are popping right out of my bun because I am SO FREAKED OUT by all the things I’m being told I MUST have and all the money I MUST spend to get married.

Also, I really do look like this.

*Gina is launching a awesome and hilarious T-shirt site soon, and I’ll tell you about that when it goes live.

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  • I love it… it’s just perfect :)

  • So great!!! Talented friend ; )

  • I really love the photo of you eating raspberries off your fingers. It’s got more style than the cartoon (sorry). And it reminds me of Amelie. But either way, I think you should choose one image to “brand” yourself.

  • Also, looks kinda like a Dave’s Bridal dress to me, not like the dress you’re looking for.

    That’s it. I’m done.

  • So cute!!! I love it!

  • Meg

    It’s *from* Amelie, silly. It’s not me. And trust me, that’s not a David’s bridal dress :)

  • Mkay.

  • so freaking cute!