My Real Mother-In-Law Is Delightful

Did I ever tell you about the funniest wedding dream I had? I didn’t? Good.

So “My Mother-In Law” (who was in no way David’s actual mother, just some random dream character) kept introducing me to everyone as “David’s first wife.” And I kept saying, “Please don’t call me his first wife. That’s really insulting.” And she would say, “but you are his first wife, dear, he hasn’t had another.”

Every time I tell David the story of this dream, he laughs so hard he tears up.

The End.

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  • Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! I’m glad you shared.

  • It’s hard to argue with dram logic sometimes.

    What would your real MIL think of the dream? Would she get as big a kick out of it?

  • Meg

    I don’t know (though she’ll read it today – Hi!!) It was so totally unrelated to her… the woman in the dream was nothing like her at all. The best part is I think I had such a puzzled face on when I woke up and told David, and he just thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a hilarious dream!

  • That is hilarious! Made me imagine you getting sister wives down the road, which is a little freaky.

  • MWK

    That is hilarious, especially because my mom had a friend who DID introduce her husband like that as a joke, and although I think it is terrible, I used to joke to my fiance that I was going to do that. He loves puns so he saw the humor, but I would never actually do that.

  • paisana

    I keep asking Bones if I can introduce him as “my first husband.” He just rolls his eyes at me.

  • This is a hilarious dream to have!

    The funny thing is that this actually happened to my mom! At the first big company function she went to with my dad after their wedding (my dad works for his dad), my grandpa, her FIL, introduced her as “his son’s first wife” or “the mother of my grandchildren.” Not that she was even thinking about kids yet at that point, but she was wearing an empire-waist dress that made it look like she might have been hiding a baby bump!

    Glad yours was a dream!

  • I agree with your future first husband :) that is hilarious! :D

  • Oh, amazing! And even more amazing that it isn’t your real mother in law.

  • Sometimes I tell H-town, “You are my favorite husband.” He takes issue with this because he feels I’m implying that I have more than one.

    But he *is* my favorite husband.

  • HA! My fiance and I both had wedding nightmares the other night, mine was that the DJ played all the wrong music and then I realized I forgot to pay him and that was probably why, and then the day after the wedding I had NO recollection of the whole reception! Like I missed it altogether. The fiance dreamed he put his brother in charge of the reception and he booked it at a wings restaurant that was all yellow and red. Yikes.

  • Too funny! My dad actually introduces my mom like this all the time… which my fiance thinks is uber hilarious. They’ve been married for 30 years, though, and my mom just laughs and says he’s lucky to have found ONE that will put up with him :)

  • That is so funny :)

  • About 6 years ago I was in a HS friend’s wedding, the entire day her family kept referring to it as “Natalie’s first wedding” I could not believe it!

    I’m happy to report 6 years and two beautiful daughters later they are still together!

  • Lily

    Is anyone else imagining the mother-in-law with a very proper British accent? Or is that just me?

    Also, is anyone else reading very old APW posts? …or is that also just me?