On WAMU’s The Kojo Show, Tomorrow

** Update: The podcast of the show is live, if you missed it, and want to check it out! **

At the end of 2011, one of the goals I wrote down for myself for this year was to be on NPR. You know…once. I grew up without a TV, but with NPR as our constant companion. So as far as I was concerned, being on NPR was the end all be all. As fancy as it gets. Now it’s starting to feel like the (super awesome, but still hilarious) joke is on me. Funny what the universe sometimes has in store for you.

After Talk of The Nation in January, and KQED’s Forum in June, I’m going to be on Washington DC’s NPR affiliate WAMU tomorrow from 1-2 EST on The Kojo Show, talking about, well, weddings. I’m super excited about this particular show, since we’ll be discussing the history of the wedding industry, guerrilla weddings, how the wedding industry is inclusive (or not) of LGBTQ weddings, marriage, and much more. You can listen live here.

DC-ers, I loved meeting you guys on book tour, so let’s consider this a virtual happy hour together.

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  • Kathryn

    I love the Kojo Show! …I have a couple bottles of wedding champagne left over at my cube at work (don’t ask). We’ll pop a bottle and drink to you at 1pm! Good luck!

  • Carrie

    Yay! I first heard the Kojo Show visiting my best friend in DC recently and fell immediately in love with it. So I am super excited about you being on it. Telling my best friend and her boyfriend to listen in!

  • Marcela


    And may I kindly request to consider not using the term “guerrilla weddings”? I was born during Argentina’s dirty war, I know children of missing persons who were handed over to knew families by the Juntas, and I know people who have lost relatives to the Shinning Path and the FARC…

    • meg

      I know, it’s a problematic term. But the thing is, it’s the term we’ve currently got to describe the event, and using it is what’s getting the conversation going, and it’s an important conversation. The internet works when we’re all using a term to describe something, so we can find and continue the conversation. So the best we can do right this second is try to de-contextualize it, since in this context it means something very different. Hopefully, if the conversation continues to develop in the public sphere, another term will crop up for the same idea, and we can dump this one. Till then, we’re going to use it on APW, because it’s the term widely used, and it’s keeping the conversation going. Know that we’re *not* using it in reference to wars in South America. It’s not ideal, but it’s what we’ve got right now.

      • Marcela

        I find the use of the term rather insensitive, just as “ghetto fashion”. But, of course, my own perspective is very different and affects how I feel about it. In any case, it’s your website and you set the rules, and I can understand and respect your reasons even though I don’t agree with them.

      • What about pop-up weddings? It would be great if we (meaning the APW community) could help another term crop up, just as we have with DIT and WIC. It might cost some views from Google searches at first, but isn’t the whole point of this site to change the conversation about weddings?

        • meg

          It’s what we’re using for now, because it’s a pretty brand new conversation that’s happening. The term is used often, in lots of ways, see: Geurrilla Marketing: low cost, unconventional marketing. So, I’m comfortable with it being a term that has MANY contextual uses, only one of which is problematic. Pop-Up weddings are a term, but it means something a bit different. It’s used when people set up store front wedding chapels, etc.

          Anyway, that’s the call I’m making at the moment for a lot of reasons. It may change in the future.

          • Marcela

            I feel that all those other contextual uses derive from the original negative term, and in some way glorify it (or aspects of it). I feel that, by de-contextualizing and romanticizing the word “guerrilla”, we forget, we negate the struggles and the suffering of generations of Latin Americans. This is VERY recent history for many of us, and it is not even history for others yet. For this reason, I personally refuse to use the word guerrilla in any positive way.

  • Allison

    As an American University grad, this delights me!

  • Congrats Meg, great to see the universe giving you multiples of what you asked for! =)

  • Senorita


    I’m getting in the car to make the drive from D.C. to Cleveland right this minute.

    Hmm. change of plans??

  • LMS

    Yay! No joke, I was just listening to WAMU on my drive into work, heard an ad mentioning that the Kojo show today is about weddings, and thought “he should really have Meg on.”

    • KateM

      Me too!! I was thinking shoot I am going to miss it today, I love Kojo. I hear the promo for it and thought that Meg should be on it, to give balance to the conversation.

  • MDBethann

    Listening to Kojo on my computer at work and eagerly awaiting my lunchtime virtual happy hour with Meg!

  • KateM

    I managed to listen to most of it at work after all. Meg you were great!

    • meg

      Thank you! It felt like a pretty easy flowing conversation, and I was *so glad* I got to talk about LGBTQ weddings.

  • One More Sara

    I missed it!! arg. Is there a link where we can hear it now?

    • meg

      Totally. I’ll link to the podcast right here, when it goes up (soon!)

      • One More Sara


  • Diane

    You were fabulous, Meg! I also grew up on a steady diet of NPR so I’m totally in awe right now.

  • Rowan

    Congrats! I love Kojo. Something about his voice is so calming. I wish he were a family friend I got to hang out with at Christmas.