Style Conundrums: Are You Getting Risky On Your Wedding Day?

This morning I prattled on about taking fashion risks for your wedding. And while I might go a little riskier now, I certainly didn’t play it safe for our wedding. And that means that exactly four years ago, I was up to my ears in last minute fashion dilemmas. (Did I mention I only decided on my dress six weeks before the wedding? Yeah. That happened.) There were the shoes that I finally pulled out of my closet to wear (after ESB did some serious shopping on my behalfI’m still a little mad I didn’t buy these). There was the hair flower that I made at the very last second, when I realized my plan to make a veil really should have involved some more… uh… planning (and that a veil didn’t work with the dress anyway). And then there was the jewelry question, and that one I never figured out. What kind of necklace would have looked good with my dress? And why the hell didn’t I buy myself a wedding clutch that I could have for always, anyway?

So this open thread is for your style questions. Are you debating taking a risk but want some outside opinions on if it’s a good choice? Do you need some help shoe shopping? Trying to figure out the jewelry situation? Or hell. Do you just have a day to day sartorial question that you could use some crowd-sourced wisdom on?

We’re here to help. Let’s get our shop on, this Tuesday afternoon.

Photo: Me on my wedding day by One Love Photo

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