Or White, In This Case

Team Practical: We’re in style.

Via The New Yorker, of course

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  • no kidding. i always tell people that the upside of having nothing is that in a recession, you don’t lose anything. plus, all your friends are watching their money too so i’m not the cheap one when we go out!

  • Love this! Sometimes I think it is actually kind of a relief planning a wedding in this economic climate … if anybody has anything mean to say about cutting corners, I can just blame it on the economy!

    And I adore your blog, Meg. Long time reader, first time poster.

  • Hah. I thought of you when I saw this.

  • Meg

    You DID Amanda? Smooches and love. That makes me very happy.

  • Peonies and Polaroids,
    I agree that “cheap is not always good”.
    Perhaps the larger question for us consumers to consider is, Do I need this new thing, regardless of price? Will it be useful or fun for a long time, and is it worth the time, money and effort required to store it, maintain it, clean it, fix it if necessary, transport it (if I move), etc?
    Honestly, when I ask myself that question about most shiny new objects in stores, I can rarely answer ‘yes’.

  • rachel w

    i find it amusing that the goodwill and thrift stores i’ve haunted for years suddenly happen to be very in vogue and chic places to visit.

    while i’m delighted that people are celebrating discovering the wonders of previously owned goods, it also makes me mildly grouchy that i am having to hunt a bit harder for my favourite items ;)

    love your blog meg- i’ve been reading since last fall in search of good ideas for a sensible wedding. in fact, in exasperation with the knot and other such sites, i typed “practical wedding” into google in hopes that some sane individual might emerge. i was ever so pleasantly surprised to stumble across your site :) i frequently show your blog to my fiance, and we love your sassiness :)

    thank you so much for giving me the courage to face all those who continue to ask me if wedding planning is stressing me out, or what my colours are, or any other number of assorted, annoying questions. it has made planning our simple, quiet, and sane wedding in minneapolis infinitely easier :)

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    That kind of makes me laugh and kind of makes me sad.

    I’ve been noticing so many people justifying spending money on things that are ‘cheap’ because times are tight, completely ignoring the fact that those cheap things are unethically produced, poor quality and utterly disposable. Suddenly ‘cheap’ doesn’t mean ‘hmmm, I wonder WHY this is so cheap’ it means ‘I don’t need to feel bad because I’m stimulating the economy AND it’s a bargain.’

    Which makes me cry.

    Which I know is not the point of either the cartoon or your post dear Meg and I love that spending obscene amounts of money is now considered, well – obscene. But still, I feel passionately that ‘cheap’ is not always good.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Which was not meant to sound nearly as lecture-ish as it did. Sorry!

  • go, team, go!

  • tell us how the dress is coming!!

  • Nikki

    Hello! I just spent literally hours reading your blog, all the way back to the first post, and holy crap, I frickin love it! Your blog made me laugh, cry, and cheer. I found my invitations (Printable Press), my hairpiece (Satanica, on etsy, thru Peonies and Polaroids’ headgear post), and most importantly, my sanity. The whole wedding planning process has made me feel pummeled. We’re on a budget most consider laughable (about $1500) because my fiance lost his job, and has only been employed again recently, we just found out we have to move in 1 month (our wedding is June 6th), and we’re down to 1 car, when we work in 2 different towns and live in a third town. For example, we decided to change the food to sandwiches because we can’t afford more. Then I picked up a Brides magazine to cheer me up, and I read an article about ‘budget weddings’ (yeah, if I had 10,000 dollars, I’d buy a car, not a party!) only to read a sidebar entitled Cheap vs Chic, What’s considered cheap? Yup, sandwiches. (cue balloon deflating noise here) You’ve done the opposite. You’ve brought back my ‘f*ck you’, and while that may not sound like a compliment, it is! You reminded me of why I’m getting married, and whaat I really want, which is love, joy, and happiness. Your blog is an island of perspective in the WIC ocean. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  • Funny, and true!!

  • This is perfect. Love it!

    Mind if I borrow it and link back?