a day without a woman

APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, Next Wednesday is a big day: it’s International Women’s Day, and also is the day of the A Day Without A Woman general strike organized by the team behind January’s Women’s...

Stephanie Kaloi688 CommentsStephanie Kaloi

Did You Love Your Wedding Vendors?

If you’re actively planning a wedding, it can seem like, “hire vendors” is just another thing to cross off your checklist. But if you’re recently married, you know that wedding vendors...

Maddie Eisenhart3 CommentsMaddie Eisenhart

APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, Approximately seven years and some months ago, Michael and I got married and decided that instead of a traditional honeymoon, we’d go on an epic road trip across the country to celebrate our...

Maddie Eisenhart694 CommentsMaddie Eisenhart